Fiona Symington-Mitchell

Fiona Symington-Mitchell

Fiona Symington-Mitchell is a freelance writer based in London. Originally from Melbourne, she has been published in Breathe Magazine, Signature Luxury Style & Travel, Food&, Provincial Living, Modern Farmer, Remedy Quarterly, and de Groot Media Australia across its food guide publications. Her work with food illustrator Livi Gosling was published in the Gestalten publication, Making Maps.

Breathe Magazine
Spoilt for choice

It’s often regarded as advantageous, but having too many options can cloud our judgement, making it difficult to reach decisions. Thankfully, there’s a way around it.

Breathe magazine
Tales from the kitchen

From apple crumble to jam roll-poly, the appeal of old-fashioned puddings isn't just their deliciousness, it's also the childhood memories they evoke. Growing up, my mother lived in our kitchen. Apron on and tea towel at the ready, she was always there, preparing what would grace our table. She was an exceptionally good cook whose culinary aspirations were somewhat mired by my father’s liking for what he called "simple food".  An array of classic English dishes dominated our table -...

Provincial Living
Bon Appetit: Women chefs in France

Inspired by the seasonal abundance of France’s markets, culinary heritage and the French appreciation for the daily pleasures of life, female cooks have long been drawn to France. Today’s fraternity of expat women cooks continue the tradition started by cookery writers MFK Fisher, Elizabeth David and Julia Child, who also founded a cooking school, L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes, during her time in Paris. From their kitchens in stone farmhouses, châteaux and regional towns, they share their...

Breathe Magazine
Go slow and get ahead

Rushing through a never-ending to-do list, multitasking, working through your lunchtime. In today's hectic world it can feel as if everyone is obsessed with getting more done. Yet there's compelling evidence that slowing down at work can improve productivity and happiness.

Signature Luxury Travel & Style
A Cut Above: Bespoke Tailoring on London's Savile Row

In the world of bespoke tailoring, one name stands above the rest - Savile Row. Fiona Symington-Mitchell discovers why it remains the epitome of men’s style. You can tell a lot about a man by his suit: his character, personal style, even where he lives. In the world of English tailoring, the name Savile Row stands alone. Its heritage as famous as the league of men that have frequented it. Think of any style icon over the last century – Cary Grant, Mick Jagger, Fred Astaire, and chances are...

Breathe Magazine UK
Shared Harvest

From edible bus stops to urban growing projects, shared community gardens are a wonderful way to connect and collaborate – with the natural world and each other

Breathe Magazine UK
Quiet cities: A moment of peace

There's a quiet side to cities. Secluded courtyards, small cafes, and hidden gardens that invite reflection and the chance to unwind, slow down, and even create. You just need to find them. 

Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
By request: A modern guide to London bespoke

Words by Fiona Symington-Mitchell Beyond the world of luxury brands and global adverting campaigns is the quieter and more private world of bespoke goods, where a dress shirt, a perfume, a pair of cufflinks are a statement of personal style and enduring craftsmanship.

Jellied Eel
London on the menu

From our neighbourhood cafes and restaurants to Tate galleries food and drink collaborations, Fiona Symington-Mitchell looks at the eateries that are putting London home-grown produce on the menu.

Remedy Quarterly
Building communities through food: a conversation with 18 Reasons

From its beginnings as a neighbourhood community space to its current programme of cooking classes, outreach, events and dinners, 18 Reasons is much more than a local cooking school. Fiona Symington-Mitchell chats to Sarah Nelson, 18 Reason’s Executive Director, about how cooking and sharing food can build community.

Mind the Map: Illustrated Maps and Cartography

Mind the Map by Antonis Antoniou, Robert Klanten, and Sven Ehmann features a stunning selection of outstanding contemporary maps. Published by Gestalten. Caption published with two illustrated food maps: Working with illustrator Livi Gosling, Fiona M Symington, the founder, editor, and food writer of the website London Food Essentials, developed a series of food-related walking maps. The ink and gouache maps offer an insider's guide to London's independent food stores, markets, food...

Food&_ | Food, Stories, Recipes, Photography & Illustration
Mario's Taco

Two hours south of San Francisco is Merdec. For anyone who doesn't live there, it's a non-descriptive town, located somewhere between here and nowhere, in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California. Stretching out lazily through a series of repeated clapboard houses and abandoned stores, where the town begins and the city limits end, no Continue...

Food&_ | Food, Stories, Recipes, Photography & Illustration
Food Memories: Little Saigon, Victoria Street, Melbourne

Like most Melbourians, I discovered Vietnamese food in the small family-run restaurants of Victoria Street. Known as Little Saigon, it is one of the city's most popular cheap eat destinations. Crowded and vibrant, a brash mixing of identities and cultures, it's where you'll find some of the best and authentic Asian food in Melbourne.

Food&_ | Food, Stories, Recipes, Photography & Illustration
Arthur Street Kitchen

Hetty McKinnon is going stateside. Three-and-a-half years after establishing the highly successful Arthur Street Kitchen (ASK), she’s moving it to Brooklyn and taking her delicious recipes, creative food concept, and delivery bike with her.

Food&_ | Food, Stories, Recipes, Photography & Illustration
Haven's Kitchen: Interview with Alison Cayne

Alison Cayne wants us to cook more. Given her philosophy that sustainable and seasonal eating can address problems of food inequity it's hardly surprising. Such devotion to the kitchen is at the heart of Haven's Kitchen - her cafe, cooking school, and event space located two blocks from New York's Union Square Greenmarket.

Food&_ | Food, Stories, Recipes, Photography & Illustration
Food Memories: In search of a good lunch

I'm not one to argue with an Italian who is passionate about his food, especially one who has had lunch at the same place for the last thirty-five years. I had turned up early at Da Mario in desperate need of a good lunch. Tuscany had been a disappointment; places were either closed for the Continue...

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