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Frankie is a freelancer here and there writing about this and that. She loathes talking about herself in third person, but as she struggled to write this biography, that is a tactic that Google suggested. And the internet is always right, right?

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Back to Business: How Beauty Pros Are Ensuring Your Safety - Booksy - Blog

The time has come where we're beginning to hear murmurs of cities starting to emerge from lockdown. It's fair to say the last two months have been a little traumatizing for everyone. The beauty and wellness industry has been equally missed by clients as it has by the service providers.

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Work From Home Tips to Reduce Stress - Booksy - Blog

Working from home used to be looked at as a luxury. Not having to get up and get out opted for a calm and quiet morning to dive into work without distractions. Now, while working from home still has its benefits we're also seeing a lot of downfalls as we try to merge life at home with productivity.

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6 Career Skills Studying Abroad Can Teach You

Studying abroad brings so many things into perspective. It's a truly life-changing experience you cannot substitute. Of course there is that stigma that study abroad is a semester off school and only meant for exploring or meeting really cute European guys.

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How To Rock Personality In the Workplace

Serious question: Does anyone actually know what 'business casual' means? It's a struggle to decide whether jeans are too laid back or you need a collared button-up to be taken seriously. Sometimes people forget the most important thing about dressing yourself in all situations: wear what like! Wear what you feel comfortable in.

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Grace Choi: The Brains Behind 3D Printed Makeup

People can say whatever they want about makeup: "It's a waste of time and money." "It's a mask." "It's unnatural." "Why can't you just be yourself?" But the truth is, applying make up is fun, exciting and gives us an extra boost of confidence.

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Why Every Girl Needs A Side Hustle

Ugh. Money. After your paycheck is divvied out for food, rent and student loans it seems like it just disappears. And the scary thing is that even post-grad, your money will always seem to run dry too quickly. After all the adult stuff is paid for, there is zero moola left over to put towards things you actually care about.

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