Kevin VanOrd

Game Designer, Game Writer, and Game Critic

Talented game designer, imaginative writer, proven video game critic, and longtime music composer ready to share his talents with a development studio or video game publication prepared for a unique storm of creativity, passion, and resourcefulness.

United States of America


Game Design, Cleaversoft: Designer, EarthNight



EarthNight is a 2D runner about the dragon apocalypse featuring procedurally generated levels. We intend to change the way you think about runner games by designing on a much...

Game Design, Trion Worlds: Content Designer, Atlas Reactor


How to Play Atlas Reactor: Simultaneous Turns

Developer Diary: Atlas Reactor. My role: Content Designer.

Game Design, Trion Worlds: Writer, Devilian


Devilian Developer's Diary: Embrace the Darkness

Developer Diary Devilian. My role: Writer and Editor.

Criticism, Features, and Game Analysis


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Update: I've now spent time with every version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and when it comes to platform differences, the surprises are few, and divergences are a matter of...


King's Quest: A Revival Worth Celebrating

King's Quest would like to tell you a story. It would like you to pull up a chair and listen to a tale of brave knights and loyal friends. It would like to enrapture you with a...


Guild Wars 2 Review

The world of Tyria, as imagined in the massively multiplayer Guild Wars 2, is an endlessly intriguing place, stuffed with mystery and adventure, gifting you with gorgeous sights...


Bloodborne Review

The beast appears, though you didn't expect it. You've never seen anything like this creature, a giant komondor dog with horns--and a former vicar of the church, apparently,...


In The Bleak Midwinter: How Composer Austin Wintory Brought Stoic Beauty to The Banner Saga

As I played The Banner Saga, I was swept away by its chilled tapestry of brass harmonies and meandering woodwind melodies. It was as if the musical score had been woven together...


The Order: 1886 Review

The Order: 1886 is a torturer and a tease. It promises you a circuitous story populated with near-immortal knights, it promises you exciting encounters with snarling werewolves,...


The Art And Music of Guild Wars 2's Living World

Oh, the life of a massively multiplayer role-playing game. Modern games typically evolve and grow even after they're fully released, but MMOGs have strikingly lengthy lifespans....