Faye Coulman

Freelance journalist and proofreader

Location icon United Kingdom

An accomplished, NCTJ-qualified editorial professional with highly transferable experience gained from journalism and publishing placements. As a creative thinker with industry-standard editorial skills, I consistently deliver on time and am accustomed to working to tight deadlines.

Now focused on securing a challenging editorial role with a leading publisher where I can utilise the skills I have developed and bring immediate and measurable value to another organisation.


Food & Drink

Drink... Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails

Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails Courvoisier unveils one-off weekend of delectable drinks and high drama Review by: Faye Coulman In a fantastical feast for the senses where things are seldom what they seem, Courvoisier have conjured up a wonderland of classic cocktails in the gloriously theatrical shape of the Courvoisier Institute of Grand Cocktails.

Drink... Taste Test: Cockburn's Light Dry White Port

Cockburn's Light Dry White Port Review by Faye Coulman Its lush, amber hue evocative of lingering, sun-drenched afternoons, dry white port is the ultimate in sophisticated, summer refreshment. Unconventional, yet infinitely palatable, this ultra-modern offering features a seamless blend of zesty notes and Cockburn's trademark, full-bodied sweetness.

Drink... Taste Test: Villa Maria Wines: Fireside treats

Villa Maria Wines: Fireside treats Review by Faye Coulman Ideal for those seeking the finest liquid indulgences, Villa Maria's award-winning wines produce an extraordinarily refined, sensory overload. From berry-laden Pinot Noir to the fragrant, tropical exuberance of Sauvignon Blanc, these prestigious offerings cater to every conceivable palate and special occasion.

Haute cuisine without the haughtiness at 40 The Hill, Wimbledon

40 The Hill, Wimbledon Haute cuisine without the haughtiness at 40 The Hill, Wimbledon 40 Wimbledon Hill Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 7PA +44 (0)208 946 3823 www.40thehill.co.uk Review by: Faye Coulman Take one recently established restaurant, add the best of British produce, mix liberally with a dash of continental panache and you're left with a mouth-watering new proposition by the name of 40 The Hill.


This Is Horror
A Taste of Hannibal Season 3 From Exclusive Cinema Event

"Season Two certainly left us with lots to chew on," quips Sky Executive Julia Barry as tonight's honoured guests set about gorging their way through an extravagant feast of quivering cucumber jelly, succulent cuts of beef tartare, candied 'long pig' crackling and dusky splatters of squid ink.