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4 reasons you must visit Wild Florida

Orlando is famous for its theme parks and tourist destinations. When friends and family hear you're heading for the City Beautiful, they often assume you're Disney-bound or hitting up The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. They picture character dining and roller coasters and white, sandy beaches.

Kaitlin Bellamy
The Right Kind of Magic

Main Street, USA. The first place you set foot in The Magic Kingdom. A street simply dripping with atmosphere and charm. The music is playing, and the mouth-watering smell of popcorn is piped through the air. Characters wait in welcome, and parades and trolley shows roll down the way every few hours.

Orlando Informer
The Kitchen Sink Challenge at Universal Orlando

Food. It's not only necessary for us to survive, but we as humans have turned sustenance into an art form. And then, in an obvious leap from there, we turned it into a sport. It started off simple: a hot dog- or pie-eating contest here, a milk-chugging challenge there.

Orlando Informer
8 reasons you have to visit The Florida Mall

When I first moved to Orlando in 2012, it was common knowledge that The Florida Mall was the less-desirable shopping destination among our local options. Compared to places like Mall at Millennia, Florida Mall was generally considered less-attractive, "sketchier," and often not worth the time.

Orlando Informer
Flavor done right: Reviewing Frontera Cocina's new menu

At the end of January, I was invited to attend a special event at Disney Springs. The venue was Frontera Cocina, a delightful Mexican dining experience created by celebrity chef Rick Bayless. The restaurant itself has been a staple of Disney's dining/shopping/entertainment district since 2016, and I myself had eaten there once before.

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Grocery delivery to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando

We all love and adore the dining options inside the Central Florida theme parks or, even, in the surrounding shopping areas. But what do we do when we just want a nice family dinner at the hotel after a long day? Or we need to pack a small lunch for the drive, or a favorite snack?

Orlando Informer
Best time to go to Disney World

It's easy to picture summertime in a paradise like Orlando. In fact, the image that most often comes to mind when people imagine themselves vacationing in Florida, and visiting a place like Walt Disney World Resort, is "summer break." The Dole Whips, the sunshine, the crowds, the oppressive heat...

Orlando Informer
Top five sweet treats at Universal Orlando

Picture the scene: you've been playing and adventuring at Universal Orlando Resprt all day. You've ridden your favorite roller coaster, met your favorite character, and filled your bags with souvenirs. What would be the best icing on the cake that is this perfect day? Actual icing.

Orlando Informer
Disney World: Top 5 nightlife options adults can still enjoy

Walt Disney World Resort has long been a place associated with children. Families take their vacations to Magic Kingdom, field trips flood the parks, and spring break is heralded by thousands of teenagers and 20-somethings escaping school. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this.

Orlando Informer
8 ways to propose at Disney World

When you think of a Walt Disney World Resort proposal, one of the most popular and evocative images is, of course, in front of Cinderella Castle. While that is a beautiful idea, the odds of being able to get exactly the photo and the moment you want are extremely slim.

Orlando Informer
5 inexpensive ways to make your Universal vacation unforgettable

Nothing beats the thrill of starting your vacation. You've saved for months or years to visit that perfect destination. You've planned every moment down to the last detail, and made your ideal itinerary of can't-miss restaurants and experiences. It's finally time to pack your bags and hit the road - Universal Orlando Resort, here you come!

Orlando Informer
8 ways to propose at Universal Orlando

Known for its thrills and adventure, Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect place to start the greatest adventure of your life! Whether you love to surround yourself with movie magic or you just enjoy Butterbeer, we can find you the perfect place to pop the question.

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When I was about fifteen, my dad sat me down before school one morning and asked me, "So, who's the boy?" I was not allowed to date until I was sixteen. I knew that. But for weeks now, I'd been up,...

Roll for Storytelling

A few months ago, I published a blog post over at Random Encounter Productions about the art of storytelling, and how it relates to roleplaying in Dungeons & Dragons. I have always believed in the power of storytelling. It is so much more than simply words on a page or on a screen.

Happy Gary Gygax Day: Remembering the Legend

Too often in life we are told that our childhood hobbies and passions will never amount to much. We're encouraged to let creativity die out, in favor of more "reasonable" pursuits. And while we do sometimes have to put those instincts aside to take care of our families or ourselves, we should never lose that spark completely.

The ale is cold, the fire is warm, and we have many tales to tell.

For as long as humanity has been communicating, we have spent our spare time telling stories. Whether they take the form of prehistoric cave paintings, epics like Homer's Odyssey, or children telling ghost stories at a slumber party, something inside of us longs to pass on legends, histories, and fairy tales.

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5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Sign Compliance

5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about ADA Sign ComplianceIt is easy to get overwhelmed by the flood of information regarding ADA Compliance. Here's just a few of our most-asked questions about the complex topic of ADA signage, rounded up and made simple just for you!What are ADA Signs?Contrary to popular belief, ADA Signs do not only refer to signs posted in Braille, but rather any signage designed to communicate information or accessibility to disabled citizens.

ADA Central Signs
Why is ADA Signage So Important?

Why is ADA Signage So Important? The science of sight is a complex thing, and something we often take for granted if we have 20/20 vision ourselves.

Performing Arts

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5 Fabulous Ways You Can Support Theatre in Your Community

Written by Kaitlin Bellamy September 5, 2017 There is no one "right" way to be a theatre lover. Some people see a show a year (or less), and they only know the words to their favorite Golden Age musicals. Others host elaborate Tony Awards viewing parties every year and have season tickets for their local theatres.

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How Studying Technical Theatre Made Me a Better Actor

Written by Kaitlin Bellamy July 28, 2017 Have you always known you wanted to perform, but just couldn't find the right niche? If you're like me, you may have watched your friends get cast in their dream roles time and time again.


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A commission piece, based around characters from a retired Dungeons and Dragons campaign

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