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Eve Willis

Freelance writer, Journalist

Location icon United Kingdom

Recent graduate of Spanish and Political Sciences at the University of Surrey. Editor of Subcultured Magazine. Experience working for the Foreign Commonwealth Office as a student ambassador writing travel pieces, freelance research writer for Summersdale Publishers and marketing for an events agency in Barcelona.

Areas of interest include (but are no means confined to) politics, gender, the environment, travel and popular culture.

No, Removing White Supremacist Representations Of The Past Is Not "Erasing History" - Incite

Is the removal of some of our statues and memorials erasing history or simply acknowledging all parts of it? By Eve Willis The last few weeks has seen Britain, alongside America, catapulted into fierce and bitter contentions over the Black Lives Matter movement that, in the midst of a global pandemic, still mobilised thousands of activists across the country, fighting for the civil liberties promised to Black people centuries ago.

From Barcelona to Britain: An Interview with Marouane Joubba - SUBCULTURED Magazine

As I batter through the torrential rain along the South Bank, making my way to the Tate Modern, I spot Marouane in the entrance, detectable by his art-school chic look. He greets me with two kisses and immediately starts berating the English weather, as you would expect from someone who has spent the best part [...]

Subcultured Magazine
Issue 6: A New Earth

As Editorial Director I was responsible for all editorial content in our sixth issue: A tribute to our relationship with the ever-changing world.

Women's Sexual Healthcare Is Not Being Taken Seriously Enough - Incite

Women's easy and affordable access to sexual healthcare should be a right. And yet, many obstacles remain. By Eve Willis The names in this article are pseudonyms. If you go to your local pharmacy to get the morning after pill, not only will that cost you £25, but chances are you'll also be faced with a humiliating, unnecessary interrogation.

Okupa Barcelona - Incite

Eve Willis explores the fringe political movement rooted in anarchism that has taken hold of Catalonia. By Eve Willis Anarchist, anti-globalist, and anti-tourist squatters have become emblematic of the fringe political movement rooted in anarchism that has taken hold of Catalonia. Anarchism is nothing new in Barcelona.

What Happens When Politics Becomes a Bit Too Personal ? - Incite

If politics is starting to ruin your relationships, then you might want to seriously consider any of the following solutions. By Eve Willis In case you forgot, it is (unfortunately) 2019 and the divisive rhetoric generated by the decade's heavyweights, Brexit and Trump, have come crashing into the harmony of private lives across the country.

Cuba Unpacked

At first glance, Havana appears to be a dystopian pastel city that evokes the nostalgia of the past with its eclectic fusion of colonial Spanish, American art deco and Soviet architecture. Yet, behind the crumbling facades of the Malecón, the strong mojitos, and 1950s' cars that pulse through the cities, Cuba is waking up to the twenty-first century with great change expected following the election of President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Pink Pangea: The Community Of Women Who Love To Travel
Why You Should Travel to Ecuador Solo | Pink Pangea

Arriving in the dead of night at Mariscal Sucre, Quito's international airport, I hopped off the plane with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. Was this really a good idea, solo backpacking in Ecuador? Luckily, my jet lag and fatigue-fuelled trepidations were premature: Ecuador is the perfect place to travel solo.

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