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As a seasoned digital content creator and freelance writer, I bring over 4 years of professional expertise to the table. My experience spans collaborations with diverse entities, including digital marketing agencies, NGOs, individuals, and brands. I specialize in crafting well-researched, original, and high-ranking content across various niches. My passion lies in assisting brands and individuals in effective communication and marketing strategies to resonate with their audiences.


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Eunice Tossy

Eunice is a Tanzanian freelance writer in love with honest conversations, ice creams and books. She blogs at She is also a Mechanical Engineer who is passionate about community development.

The Largest CRM Companies In The World, And What They Do

A business's relationship with its customers is an important factor in the business's growth and success. The largest CRM companies mentioned in this article, work to support brands with their day-to-day activities. CRM software (an acronym that stands for Customer Relationship Management) is an important tool for businesses when it comes to keeping track of their communication with customers, vendors, partners, and employees.

D.O.P@E is empowering software engineers in Tanzania, here's how you can contribute

We, at Ellipsis Digital, have been working hard at nurturing the next wave of Tanzanian software engineers through our Developers Outreach Program (D.O. P @E). We are committed to doing this because the tech world is an industry that is constantly changing and Tanzanian software engineers need to keep up with the pace in order to successfully provide solutions through tech for people who are in and out of the country.

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The Best Office Chairs Under $200

We spend a lot of time in our office chairs working; the last thing one needs is to sit for long periods of time in a chair that's not ergonomic. With the pandemic and most companies shifting to remote work, now more than ever workers need comfortable office chairs that will encourage that work mindset, but also comfortable in terms of body posture after sitting for long hours.

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WELCOME TO ALAMA ARCHITECTURE ALAMA Architecture was established in 2010 under the name VK Green Architects Ltd, later changed to ALAMA Architecture in July 2020 to emphasize a more Tanzanian Swahili identity fused with 21st Century ingenuity. Our designs center on the connection between design esthetics and the environmental, cultural and economic context.

ACET - Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania

Welcome to ACET Official Website Promoting the business of consulting engineers in Tanzania ACET proudly promotes the practice of consultancy engineering services in Tanzania consistent with professional, ethical principles, and business integrity. The Association of Consulting Engineers Tanzania (ACET) represents the professional, and business interests of its members in the field of consulting engineering in Tanzania.