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Principal Broker, Social Justice Advocate

United States

Eric Nelson stands as Principal Broker at Eric D. Nelson Agency LLC. He is an advocate for social justice issues promoting social progress through economic development, mental health reform and more.

Eric Nelson
Facts About Homelessness in America

Every year in the United States, the number of unhoused people increases. The COVID-19 pandemic and the housing crisis have only exacerbated this problem further. To shed some light, here are some important facts about homelessness in America: Photo by MART PRODUCTION Over half a million people in the USA are experiencing homelessness.

Eric Nelson
Top Free Mental Health Resources

There is a growing amount of research being done on the mental health crisis going on in the United States. Unsurprisingly, the lack of affordable and widely available mental health counselors match the growing issue of healthcare accessibility in the country. This issue particularly impacts people who do not have health insurance and bears the...

Eric Nelson
3 Savings Tips for Budget Conscious Consumers

Saving money is hard. Really hard. Depending on your unique situation, saving money can feel impossible. With some strategies in place, saving money each month doesn't have to be so anxiety-inducing. Financial expert Eric Nelson shares his thoughts on four easy savings tips for people living on a strict budget.

Eric Nelson
How to Prepare For Student Loan Repayment This Fall

Both the current and former administrations have extended student loan forbearance for borrowers until September 30. There has been talks of widespread student debt cancellation for all borrowers, but that will not be the focus of this blog post until more information is available. Many borrowers are still struggling to prepare for student loan repayment,...

Eric Nelson
What Should I Look For in My Next Loyalty Program?

This question comes top-of-mind for a lot of people trying to take control of their finances, and financial expert Eric Nelson is here to weigh-in on the matter. Loyalty programs are great for individuals who frequently use a specific service, whether it be frequent traveling, beauty purchases, and more.

Eric Nelson
Financial Services That Are Worth The Investment

Principal broker Eric Nelson is an expert in the financial services industry, and he understands that it can be tough to educate and also convince people to invest in intangible assets that one day will help them. Life insurance is a great example of this. It's not something people like to think about, but we...

Eric Nelson
Reflecting on the Anniversary of George Floyd's Death

Yesterday marked exactly one year since George Floyd's murder, which has stirred up many emotions for people across the country, signifiying a time for reflecting on where we've come since last year. Supporters, family members, and protestors all across the country came together in a show of support yesterday, making sure that Floyd will always...

Five Points Atlas
Eric Nelson: We need to recommit to racial justice in 2021 - Five Points Atlas

This week, as the George Floyd trial begins, we as a community must evaluate our commitment to racial justice and how we have responded to the events of last year. With the passage of the Senate bill 217 last year, we (Colorado) definitely responded strongly to the criminal justice and policing concerns of the people.

Eric Nelson

Throughout his 18+ year career in finance, Eric Nelson has established himself as an expert in Insurance & Financial Services. On his days off, he makes a difference in the lives of others. A firm believer in social justice and social progress, Nelson dedicates his free time to advocating for causes he cares about.
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I am a Principal Broker and Social Justice Advocate in United States. Visit my website.