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Eric Nelson

Principal Broker, Social Justice Advocate

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Eric Nelson stands as Principal Broker at Eric D. Nelson Agency LLC. He is an advocate for social justice issues promoting social progress through economic development, mental health reform and more.

Five Points Atlas
Eric Nelson: We need to recommit to racial justice in 2021 - Five Points Atlas

This week, as the George Floyd trial begins, we as a community must evaluate our commitment to racial justice and how we have responded to the events of last year. With the passage of the Senate bill 217 last year, we (Colorado) definitely responded strongly to the criminal justice and policing concerns of the people.

Eric Nelson
What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary auto insurance... for some it's a myth, for others it's a legend. For Eric Nelson, Insurance and Financial Services Expert, it's a complicated matter. In short, temporary car insurance is what it sounds to be: auto insurance that is temporary. Typically, insurers will use this as bait to draw customers in with the promise...

Eric Nelson
Pope Francis & NBA players talk social justice

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Vatican! Luckily, ESPN offers insight for those of us who couldn't be there when Pope Francis recently hosted five NBA players last month to discuss social justice issues, including racism and economic inequality. In November, the NBA received a unique spur of the moment invite...

Eric Nelson
How to Insure a Vehicle (when you're not the owner!)

There are many situations in which you may wish to insure a vehicle that does not belong to you. You may wish to pursue insurance for a family member or roommate's car. Insurance Expert, Eric Nelson explains how: Driving a roommate or family member's car can be risky business if you're not covered by his/her...

Eric Nelson
USMNT Uniforms Adorn Social Justice Messages

At a soccer (football) game in Cardiff, Wales, the United States men's national team wore messages supporting social justice causes. "Be the Change" "Unity" "Black Lives Matter" "Be Anti-Racist" "World Peace" These were the messages of solidarity and support for social justice causes that members of the United States men's national soccer team displayed on...

Eric Nelson
Do you need Renters Insurance for your first apartment?

Renters Insurance can be a property life-saver! But do you actually need it for your first apartment? According to Principal Broker & Finance Expert, Eric Nelson: it depends. So, you've just moved into your first apartment. Congrats! This is a major milestone in your adult life!

Eric Nelson
College Athlete Launches Social Justice Initiative

Kellan Grady is a rising college athlete. For most of his life, basketball has been a huge part of who he is. But according to Kellan, his identity is deeply rooted in generations of social justice advocacy. Now, he's launching his own social justice initiative. Kellan Grady is a guard on the Davidson Wildcats men's...

Eric Nelson
Make Juneteenth a National Holiday

In celebration of Juneteenth, 93-year-old Social Justice Advocate, Opal Lee organized a petition. Her goal is to have Juneteenth recognized as a national holiday -- and she already has over a million signatures to support her mission! On Friday, June 19, 2020, Americans in communities across the country celebrated Juneteenth.

Eric Nelson

Throughout his 18+ year career in finance, Eric Nelson has established himself as an expert in Insurance & Financial Services. On his days off, he makes a difference in the lives of others. A firm believer in social justice and social progress, Nelson dedicates his free time to advocating for causes he cares about.
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I am a Principal Broker and Social Justice Advocate in United States. Visit my website.

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