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Independent Journalist

Location icon France

Wandering journalist traveling the world by bicycle and horseback. My work focuses on adventure travel, sustainability, and grassroots environmental movements . You can find me somewhere along the Silk Road or at www.enselle.voyage

Earth Island Journal
The Valbona River in Peril

The Albanian government won’t save an ecologically and culturally significant river from hydropower, advocates say. But maybe its people will.

Ours to Save
Hands off the Valbona River

Catherine Bohne is leading the fight to keep hydropower off the wild Valbona River in Northern Albania.

Enjoy! Transavia Air
L'Albanie Débridée

En Selle pour une aventure en plein nature // Wild and free : Albania on horseback

Sidetracked Magazine
Hoofbeats Across Albania

(Excerpt) Ashley & Quentin's teamwork is challenged while crossing Albania on horseback.

Run Wild Mag
Italian Cave Dreams

Bikepacking in Puglia, Ashley and Quentin find a surreal campsite near the city of Matera

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