Emily Valentine

Freelance Writer

London based graduate, writer and photographer with a passion for quirky & colourful fashion, Japanese travel and pop culture.

Topics covered include Japanese culture, alternative fashion, pop culture, photography and student & graduate advice.

Self published magazine and blog: www.lovejapanmagazine.com

United Kingdom


Alternative Fashion & Pop Culture

NEO Magazine

Meet Aggretsuko

Meet Aggretusko, a 25 year old red panda with a passion for death metal karaoke and a strong dislike for her office job at a Tokyo trading firm. The brain child of Japanese...

MyM Magazine

Tokyo Dreams

MyM's Emily Valentine sits down with Adelaide, an English model with a passion for Japanese fashion currently living in Tokyo.

MyM Magazine

Pop-Up Paradise

From traditional kimono to colourful street wear, Japanese fashion is as diverse as the country itself. British business Butikku is bringing something refreshingly different to...

MyM Magazine

Shinkurose By The Sea

Meet Shinkurose AKA Debbie and Emily, a mother and daughter dream team combining their design, pattern cutting and sewing skills to create beautiful handmade garments and...

MyM Magazine

Paint It White

Meet Minori, a shironuri artist from Japan. With many strings to her bow including designer, artist, costumer maker and fashion icon, Minori has made a name for herself at home...

MyM Magazine

Ballet Beautiful

Tutus, tulle and turning en pointe,; ballet is a beautiful dance form, and the fashion associated with it is just as romantic. We sat down with Manchester based dancer Kat...

MyM Magazine

Angelic Pretty Come to London

The Tea Party Club has been organising fashion events for a decade now, but its last ever event at London's Institute of Directors proved the most lavish yet, with Japanese...

MyM Magazine

Decora Dreams

The name Kurebayashi should be familiar with any fan of Japanese youth fashion. A regular in popular Japanese magazine KERA, Kure-chan is a cute and colourful model with a love...

MyM Magazine

Over The Rainbow

Emily Valentine met the fashion blogger who’s not afraid to go bright and bold.

MyM Magazine

Frock 'n' Roll

With a Tokyo music tour under her belt and a debut solo EP on the cards, Megan Valentine is fulfilling her dreams of being a solo performer. Her aqua anime-inspired hair and...

MyM Magazine

Think Pink!

Emily Valentine celebrates cherry blossom time with Calıfornian model and J-fashion enthusiast Chiffon Fleur.

MyM Magazine

Gentlemen Prefer Kawaii

Emily Valentine sits down with Danny, a J-fashion fan from Brighton who proves that kawaii isn’t just for girls.

MyM Magazine

Kimono Chameleon

The kimono is one of the most iconic and beautiful of traditional Japanese garments. Emily Valentine chatted with Tokyo-based kimono enthusiast Anji Salz to find out more.

MyM Magazine

Dreaming of a Kawaii Xmas

Tis the season to be kawaii, and MyM'S Emily Valentine has been on the hunt for this season’s cutest and most colourful fashions and accessories.

MyM Magazine

Wicked & Whimsy

The Tea Party Club recently hosted its annual London fashion extravaganza, and MyM’s Emily Faulder was there to share a brew

MyM Magazine

The Sweet Smell of Success

With a chart-topping musical career spanning 15 years, Perfume are one of Japan’s most influential girl bands. MyM's Emily finds that Perfume: A Gallery Experience makes perfect...

MyM Magazine

Sanrio's New Superstar

Sanrio’s latest star in a long line up of cute characters is the lazy (yet adorable) Gudetama. MyM's Emily chats with Gudetama,the world’s laziest egg, about his rise to the top.

MyM Magazine

J-Fashion Dreams

MyM's Emily sits down with the ladies of Dreamy Bows, who are bringing Tokyo street style to the UK with their J-fashion pop-ups.

MyM Magazine

Tea, Cake and Hello Kitty

Devotees of Hello Kitty are in for a treat this summer ...quite literally. MyM's Emily took a trip to Soho café Cutter & Squidge to experience their new pop-up.