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EP Review: Hatchie - 'Sugar & Spice' - Music Insight

Ever since Harriette Pilbeam, performing as Hatchie , uploaded her first single to Triple J Unearthed in May last year, anticipation has run high for her debut EP, Sugar &...

Global Hobo

Solo Travel Didn't Work For Me, and That's Okay

"Are you finding your way around okay? Make sure you know where to get WiFi when you need to use Google Maps." "Yes Mum." "Are you making friends? Don't be too weird or no one...


6 Things We Do At Uni That We Would Never Do In High School

We all thought we'd never end up wearing pyjamas to class. Ha! Good times. Back in high school, you and your friends would swap crazy stories about what uni life would be like,...


What I Learned About Students From Organising My Uni Ball

Just because you look classy doesn't mean you'll act classy. You will go to countless parties during your time at uni, and these parties don't just magically happen. Behind...

Music Insight

Album Review: The Vaccines - 'Combat Sport' - Music Insight

It's been three years since The Vaccines have graced our ears with some new tunes, but Combat Sport has proven that good things do indeed come to those who wait. With each of...


How My Relationship Survived The Transition From High School To Uni

It's not easy moving from high school to university, and it's not easy to carry your relationships across either. It's not easy moving from high school to university, and it's...


Living In An All-Female Residence: Expectations Vs Reality

No, there's not "a lot of drama". Eye roll. They say your university years define you, especially if you're lucky enough to live on campus. Choosing which residence to live in...

Music Insight

Review: Confidence Man at The Triffid, Brisbane, 4 May 2018 - Music Insight

After playing both Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festival last year, followed by Groovin the Moo this year, Confidence Man are easily becoming one of the most exciting live...