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The Independent
The Grammys were a politically neutered mess

This year's Grammys lacked fire and fury; for a music award show, it barely wanted to make any noise. In fact, the organisers seemingly pulled the plug before anyone could, declaring in advance that this night would be all about the music, not the issues.

The Independent
It's no surprise that Donald Trump is not a feminist - now let's focus on the important issues

The ground-shaking news that Donald Trump "wouldn't call himself a feminist" has hit the headlines after an excerpt from an interview with Piers Morgan was released today. With the #MeToo campaign, the historic women's marches, the Larry Nassar case, and the general rise of interest in women's issues in the news, asking a sitting US President whether he was a feminist, under any other circumstances, would be considered important.

Dear Sally Hawkins, Actress for BLUE JASMINE

When we meet Jasmine she's living the high-life travelling first class, wearing a mish-mash of high-end designers and speaking on and on about her fantastic life while she waits with her fellow passenger for her Louis Vuitton luggage. But this is an illusion that is quickly shattered.

The Billfold
The Digital Wish List

When I was a kid we carefully wrote our Christmas lists in pen and paper, doodling and adding glitter in the corners. Then we burned them, to let the smoke signals be interpreted by the delicate nostrils of Santa's reindeers.

Dear John Michael McDonagh, Screenwriter and Director for CALVARY

Father James considers his priesthood a calling, but everyone within his parish appear to have abandoned him. They're all doubters, sinners or atheists with a venomous opinion of the Catholic church. The film is an episodic swamp of passive aggression. As the Father tends his disillusioned flock, we drift from one character to another.

Emily Cracknell Writer
26 Prints: First Draft

Right now, I'd like to be sat at Eames Fine Art Studio, a cup of coffee in my hand, a swell of art works on the walls, while I survey my art piece and scribble furiously into a pad. About a month a...

Dear Pietro Scalia, Editor for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2

How you were able to cut this all together, I don't know. The film swings wildly from plotline to plotline like Spider-Man crossing the city on his webs. And when it comes to resolving any of them, it turns out that a baddie's real identity can be uncovered in a casual chat in the elevator, and the disappearance of your parents can be solved by figuring out that they used the subway.

Dear Thomas Vinterberg, Director and Co-Screenwriter for THE HUNT

When I sat down to watch this film I was prepared for horrific things. I diligently waited as the beautiful scenery was set: the lovely architecture, the Springer Spaniel, the idyllic countryside and the fast friendships. I steeled myself for extremely violent visions; that never came.

Warm Blooded (Bloodline) by Emily Cracknell | 26 Pairs of Eyes

Sir John Everett Millais, Luther Holden, c.1880 © The Foundling Museum The story behind the story I found myself at the Foundling Museum on a wet Sunday, standing in front of my object, a dark portrait in, what felt like, an overly ornate room.

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