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Along The Great Wagon Road: The Rosenwald Schools

It's time for another radio road trip Along The Great Wagon Road - our series exploring the history of the Charlotte region with Tom Hanchett of the Levine Museum of the New South. Today, our road trip takes us north on I-77 a bit to Huntersville, where an extraordinary piece of American history is hidden in plain sight.

On God's Stage: Elevation Church

People raise their hands in worship during the Saturday evening service at Elevation Blakeney. LOGAN CYRUS (page 1 of 3) S teven Furtick takes the stage his favorite way, striding in a half-stroll, half-hop, not-dance, bellowing out a lyric here and there, eyes pinched shut as the music blasts.

3rd Missionary With Ebola Is Identified

Ms. Writebol, 59, who was discharged from Emory late last month along with Dr. Brantly, made her first public appearance on Wednesday, recounting her experience being evacuated from Liberia and recovering from Ebola. She spoke at a news conference at SIM's headquarters here.

Elevation Church & 'The Other Place'

Part One: Elevation Church. Elevation Church is one of the fastest-growing churches in the country. 33-year-old Elevation Pastor and Founder Steven Furtick draws about 14,000 members to weekly services at nine church campuses across the Charlotte region, the latest, a Lake Norman campus just launched over the weekend.

Yoga for the Rest of Us

Students at Yoga One in Plaza Midwood enjoy Corpse Pose. LOGAN CYRUS SOMEWHERE IN the middle of every yoga class I've tried, the teacher says it's time to "float" my foot forward. I look down at my hands. They're holding my upper body in a plank or a downward dog, and they look puffy and increasingly like my father's.

Daniel Clodfelter Succeeds Patrick Cannon as Charlotte's Mayor

James Mitchell, who finished second to Mr. Cannon in the Democratic mayoral primary last year, was also nominated. But his nomination was quickly dismissed, disappointing dozens of his supporters carrying signs in the audience. Some Council members said even talking about Mr. Mitchell as a candidate could be too suggestive of turmoil at a time when the city needs unity.

Ex-Mayor Voted, and Now He's on House Arrest

North Carolina law prohibits convicted felons from voting, though citizens can petition to have their voting privileges restored after serving their sentence. Mr. Cannon voted at his local polling place during early voting on Oct. 30. Officials said they did not learn about his vote until receiving phone calls from a reporter, Michael Gordon of The Charlotte Observer.