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How to make a living as a writer

Received 3.5k views with no ads or marketing, 1.6k full reads, a spot on the Staff Picks page, and over $300 in earnings.

American Songwriter
4 of the Most Underrated Folk Singers of All Time

Gathered 51k page views within three days of publishing, pulled 84.7% of traffic from Google searches, and secured a spot as the third top post on the site for three days.


American Songwriter
5 Best Podcasting Software of 2024

Even with the best podcast idea, you could find yourself sitting at zero listeners simply because your episodes are poorly edited or the audio is low-quality. That's why you need top-notch software to ensure your podcast meets professional quality standards.

American Songwriter
4 Best Bass Synth Pedals of 2023

Elevate your bass game with our curated list of the best bass synth pedals. Our selection delivers cutting-edge tech and rich tones at your fingertips.

Phoenix New Times
Alternative Hip-Hop Group WHY? Change the Format

WHY? have never been a conventional music outfit. Yoni Wolf, their founder, has never been one for tradition, either. But when it comes to writing music, Wolf felt some constrictions that needed to be let go. And the alternative hip-hop group's newest full-length release, AOKOHIO, was the result.

Arena Music
The Worst Songs to Have Sex To, Ever

Some of these tracks are amazing outside of sexy time, but during the act you might have wished you hadn't put your phone on shuffle.

Phoenix New Times
A Field Guide to Five of Arizona's Best Goth Bands

Despite the blue skies and relentless sunshine of the desert, the gloominess of goth-inspired music has a strong foothold in our fair state. Gothic rock first emerged from post-punk outfits in the '70s, though it's certainly changed substantially in the decades since.


Social Media

How Businesses Can Benefit with TikTok Ads

It’s no secret that Tik TokTikTok has exploded in popularity among many different kinds of consumers. Unlike Snapchat, the demographic of Tik TokTikTok isn’t solely young people. While this was certainly the case when Tik TokTikTok first appeared on the scene, now a wider group of users are enjoying the video streaming platform.

Hashtag Strategy for Wineries

Social media has turned the old-school pound sign into the widely used hashtag. Hashtags are incredible tools that users can use to find content that aligns with their interests online, but they are also excellent tools for businesses, especially wine brands, to use for lead generation and overall reach.

Gardening and Farming

AZ Animals
Cempedak vs Jackfruit: Key Differences

Jackfruit has become quite popular in recent years, especially as a meat alternative. It's a surprisingly versatile fruit for vegan and vegetarian diets, but it has also been used in Southeast Asian cuisine for a very long time. Its cousin, the cempedak, is often confused for the jackfruit.

AZ Animals
Puffball Mushrooms: A Complete Guide

Puffball mushrooms are some of the most unique types of fungi out there. They visually appear pretty different from other types of fungi and don't have the conventional cap and stem you'd expect from a mushroom. So what precisely are puffball mushrooms? Several diverse types of mushrooms fall under the umbrella term "puffballs."

Backyard Boss
Winter Vegetable Gardening: What to Grow in the Cold Season & How - Backyard Boss

Growing vegetables (or any plant for that matter) during the fall and winter seasons may seem impossible. Many amateur gardeners will cover their plots for the upcoming frost and wait until spring comes to start gardening again. However, you can grow vegetables outside during the winter with excellent results!

AZ Animals
Butter Beans vs. Lima Beans: What's The Difference?

The seeds of the Phaseolus lunatus plant are referred to as butter beans, lima beans, and sieva beans. They are offered in both juvenile and mature forms and can be purchased fresh, frozen, or dried. Believe it or not, lima beans and butter beans are actually from the same plant.

AZ Animals
Shallot vs. Leek: Is There a Difference?

Alliums are a sizable family of edible plants. From the well-known onion varieties to the less well-known yet intriguing varieties of garlic. Even merely for their blossoms, alliums are used by some gardeners as attractive ornamental plants. With an allium, you can accomplish a lot!

AZ Animals
Wax Myrtle vs. Crepe Myrtle

Wax myrtles and crepe myrtles are independent genera of trees and shrubs with extremely different physical characteristics and cultural requirements, despite the fact that they may have similar popular names. The genus Lagerstroemia, which is a member of the plant family Lythraceae, is where crepe myrtles are found.

Backyard Boss
6 Gorgeous Pink Houseplants You Need to See - Backyard Boss

We've all seen pink houseplants before. There are plenty of beautiful pink-tinted flowers out there that can brighten up any home, from roses to anthuriums to carnations. But what about indoor houseplants that boast pink hues in their foliage? Pink houseplants that feature pink tones and patterns in their leaves are quite stunning.

AZ Animals
Witch Hazel vs. Forsythia

Hamamelis virginiana, commonly known as witch hazel, and forsythia suspensa, commonly known as forsythia, are two beautiful and somewhat similar plants. However, some key differences between witch hazel vs. forsythia are worth knowing if you plan to use either plant for landscaping, as indoor plants, or even for medicinal uses.

AZ Animals
9 Wild Mushrooms Found in Fall

One of the greatest seasons for foraging is autumn. Many plants are already bearing fruit after soaking up the warmth and moisture of the summer. The chill has not yet wiped out the wild plants, making it the best time to forage before the snow hits.

AZ Animals
The 10 Best Culinary Mushrooms

Many of the 14,000 or so types of mushrooms that exist in the world make for absolutely fantastic additions to soups, salads, sauces, casseroles, and plant-based burgers. Additionally, mushrooms contain a ton of nutrients. They are the only veggie sources of vitamin D.

Backyard Boss
Bird's Nest Fern Guide: How to Care for an Asplenium Nidus

We can't all be born with green thumbs. Luckily, there are some plants out there that can tolerate even the unluckiest of plant parents. One great plant that doesn't require a lot of attention is the bird's nest fern. This gorgeous plant is known for its crinkly fronds that stretch outward and its ability to filter toxins from the air.

AZ Animals
Red Dragon Japanese Maple vs. Crimson Queen

The Japanese maple is a true staple in any landscaping plan, and there are many cultivars of this gorgeous shrub. The red dragon Japanese maple boasts beautiful, lacy, purple leaves that turn deep red near the end of its foliage. The low-branching, dwarf crimson queen Japanese maple has a delicate, weeping form.

AZ Animals
Kentia Palm vs. Areca Palm

Kentia and areca palms are the two most popular types of palms. Indoor palms, some of which are climbers and others more of the shrub variety, can have a significant impact on practically any room. Palms add an exotic, beautiful flare to virtually any space they are kept in.


Private Client
How to Mitigate the Agriculture Gap

The relationship between Canadians and the agriculture industry is one that has become muddy, to say the least. The amount of cultural distrust and fear of various advancements in agtech is alarming, but in a way, it’s easy to see the push behind it: People want to know what they’re putting into their bodies, and we have been conditioned to believe that archaic farming methods are the only methods that are safe.

The Future of Work in the Energy Sector

How does a more diversified, technologically advanced energy sector change the amount and type of labor required? What opportunities exist for skills development and greater inclusion?

Psychedelic Medicine

Outdoors and Camping

Private Client
Camping and Glamping in Maine

If you’re planning a camping trip to Maine, these hot spots are must-sees to include on your trip.

Private Client
Top 5 Camping Chairs for Your Next Adventure

When going through your checklist before a camping trip, you’ve probably included folding camping chairs. And if you need to go out and purchase some, you may be completely in the dark about what to look for.

Private Client
Camping in Utah's Regions

Utah is a beautiful place to explore, camp, and enjoy with your family or on a solo vacation. Here’s our guide on what to do in various regions of the Beehive state.

Private Client
Best Hikes in Blackwater Falls State Park

Blackwater Falls State Park is a West Virginia state park, home of the 62-foot cascade waterfall of the same name and massive, lush forests of red spruce. The Falls mark where the Blackwater River meets the very rugged Blackwater Canyon. It’s one of the most photographed areas in the state, and it makes sense why.

Private Client
Camping in Vermont's Regions

Vermont is a beautiful place to explore, camp, and enjoy with your family or on a solo vacation. Here’s our guide on what to do in various regions of the Green Mountain State.

Blockchain and Crypto

Published Books


FluentU Japanese
10 Beautiful Japanese Words to Add to Your Vocabulary List

The particular smell of a breeze in late autumn. A deep love for books that dips into the philosophical. Daydreams and nostalgia. Words have the power to evoke all those feelings. And in Japanese, there are words for all the fleeting feelings we described above-and more.

FluentU Japanese
Introduce Yourself in Japanese: The Guide to Formal and Casual Introductions

Introducing yourself in English is usually pretty straightforward. It goes something like this: "Hey there! How are you? I'm Em." "Hi Em, I'm Julie. Nice to meet you." "Nice to meet you, too." A handshake ensues, then small talk. It really isn't that different in Japanese, minus the handshake.


Phoenix New Times
Andy Warpigs on Building a Local Music Community

For music lovers, it's the fellowship that makes the local community so attractive. Andy Warpigs gets this. He also happens to be one of the Valley's beloved underground songwriters and community organizers.

Arena Music
An Interview with HEX

New Zealand's rising witch rock band talks touring, feminism, and Prince.

Arena Music
An Interview with Willetta

The dreamy folk-pop group talks desperation, the vessel of sound, and their upcoming full length album.


5 Modern and Classic Watches for Men

Watches never go out of style, even if their function isn’t so necessary in the age of smartphones. Rather, they can lend a classic, masculine touch to any man’s aesthetic and serve as a luxury element for any outfit.


Cloud Computing

Cloud BI vs Hosted BI: Everything You Need to Know

Many business owners who have their thumb on the pulse of new technologies have likely heard of cloud and host BI (business intelligence). Which one is preferable, and what exactly makes them different? In this guide, we’ll explore everything you need to know.

Software and B2B

The Only Leadpages Alternative You’ll Need in 2020

For any small business or entrepreneur, building a website is extremely important. At the very least, one should have a homepage, a few blog posts, a pricing page, and a handful of landing pages. Ideally, business websites should be more in-depth-- this is especially so for businesses in the e-commerce and tech spaces.

An In-Depth Review of Funnelflix

So what is Funnelflix? Does it actually help entrepreneurs? We’ll be covering all of this and more in our guide to the pros and cons of Funnelflix.

3 Best Content Marketing Tech Stack Examples for B2B Companies

There are some fantastic forms of technology stacks out there that B2B companies and other businesses can take advantage of. However, not all technology stacks for marketing are equally good. We’re going to dive into a handful of stacks that meet the mark and then some-- so you can make an informed decision before investing in one.


The 16 Most Bizarre Anime Series Ever

Absurd comedies aside, some of us enjoy going the extra mile and fling ourselves down the rabbit hole of absolutely insane series. And so this list was created after many hours (and years) of watching the most WTF anime series ever.

Sailor Moon Crystal: 15 Biggest Changes From The Original Sailor Moon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal , known more commonly as Sailor Moon Crystal, caused quite a stir when its first season was announced back in 2014. Fans of the original were both excited and wary. Who knew that a reboot of the magical girl series could have such a polarizing effect?

15 Things You Didn't Know About Sailor Moon

Who doesn't love ? This peppy teen hero defeated evil and saved the world on more than one occasion with her crew of Sailor Soldiers and captivated young girls (and boys) with her inspirational wisdom and girl power mantras.


15 Darkest Pokemon Fan Theories

Our favorite childhood (and also adulthood) franchise of films, shows, and games is known for its cute pocket monsters and relatively innocent storylines. However, that doesn't stop a lot of fans from coming up with some seriously disturbing fan theories that involve the Pokemon universe. Could Digimon really be corrupted Pokemon?

Red Dead Redemption 2: 20 Strongest Weapons (And 10 That Are Worthless), Ranked

Who doesn't love the feeling of finding the ultimate weapon in a video game? You work hard, exploring and crafting and following walkthroughs to find hidden gems, then finally, you get it: a rifle, sword, or magic upgrade. You know the game is nearing its end and you have the ultimate weapon to win it.

Red Dead Redemption 2: 20 Wild Details About Arthur Morgan

If you've been glued to a screen and controller for the past month exploring the vast world of Rockstar's , you're certainly not alone. It's a completely addicting game that just keeps giving, even when you reach its ultimate end.


The 16 Best Japanese Horror Movies of All Time

Who doesn't love a good horror movie or... even a really terrible one? The Japanese horror genre (known by the abbreviated term "J-Horror") has given us films, television shows, comics, and other media that are some of the spookiest, campiest, and most mind-melting within the realm of horror.

The 16 Best International Horror Movies Of All Time

The United States has put out quite a few horror classics throughout its cinematic timeline that have since gained a cult following. From The Exorcist to The Evil Dead , a ton of great stateside films have become staples in the horror film genre.


Top 10 Most Expensive Art Pieces Ever Sold

It’s incredible what some art enthusiasts will pay for original artwork from a famous artist. These buyers really take the cake, shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars for paintings from the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and Pablo Picasso.


16 Best LGBTQ Characters In Movies, Ranked

Imagine if you will a world where you never saw yourself represented on television, in movies, in books, or anything other media that you see on the daily. The rare moments where you did, such a character was often the butt of a joke-- something existing to insight laughter at their expense, a vague form of who you and others like you are, surrounded by an air of frivolous insensibility.

The 15 Coolest LGBT Relationships In Anime

If you're an LGBT kid that grew up with anime, you probably found a show or two that had some pretty validating characters when it came to gender and sexuality. There were some anime couples out there that represented us is different ways and had the romances that we really wanted.

National Monitor
Queerbaiting And The Boring Shows That Do It

The term "queerbaiting" is often foreign in non-LGBTQ spaces and ambiguous within LGBTQ spaces. Queerbaiting is a term used to describe the intentional or unintentional attempt by writers of films, television shows, comics, and other media to entice queer fans (or those that enjoy sexualizing queer relationships) without actually going through with portraying a queer relationship on screen.


Thermoboxes and their Place in Pharmaceutical Shipments

Any business involved in logistics or the transportation of cool or cold goods understands the major need for temperature control in freight. Trucks, boats, trains, and other means of mass transportation have to be specially modified to prevent perishable goods from


Film & Television

The 15 Weirdest TV Shows Of All Time

There's a whole lot of weird out there in the world these days, and a surprising amount has made its way into mainstream media. Since there's already a 15 Weirdest Movies Of All Time, a follow-up version of the list for the small screen just had to made.

15 Best Horror Movies Of The 2000s, Ranked

Ah, the turn of the millennium. What was there to hate back then? It was the age of Tamagotchis, aggressively vapid AIM screen names, MySpace, and a fairly iconic fashion scene. It was also the age of some pretty notable horror films as well.

16 Best LGBTQ Characters In Movies, Ranked

Imagine if you will a world where you never saw yourself represented on television, in movies, in books, or anything other media that you see on the daily. The rare moments where you did, such a character was often the butt of a joke-- something existing to insight laughter at their expense, a vague form of who you and others like you are, surrounded by an air of frivolous insensibility.

15 Movies That Weren't Released Due To Controversy

Who doesn't like a periodic dose of violence, gore, terror, and shock from a controversial film? A lot of people, apparently. There have been many a film out there that the public was just not cool with, and people en masse would go as far as protesting and banning the films before they could even be released.

15 Must-Watch Forgotten Anime Films

Have you ever come across an unknown piece of film or television and absolutely fell in love with it? Anime is no exception. There are some crazy good films out there that few people have ever heard of and unfortunately don't get the recognition they deserve.


How Long is Law School?

Are you considering law school? You’re not the only one-- law school applications have increased nearly 12% over the last two years. That’s a pretty significant jump in interest, and there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing more diversity in the law world and more lawyers in general in the next few years.

Law School at 40

If you’re thirty-five years or older and are considering attending law school, you’re far from alone in that desire. Tons of people decide to get into law later in life or make a substantial career change.

How to Get Into Law School

Taking on law school is an admirable feat. Once you've graduated, you have the opportunity to enter into an industry that is dedicated to maintaining justice and preserving the integrity and safety of society. It isn't an easy job, but if you're the kind of person that loves debating, has incredible attention to detail, and is highly competitive, becoming a lawyer could be the best choice for you.


How Real Estate Investors Leave Money On The Table With SEO

Picture if you will, an idea: A real estate investor gets into their market and they start to do search engine optimization on their websites. They've got an InvestorCarrot site and they're actively doing SEO, they're building out content. They are building links, they are doing all the stuff that you're supposed to do. They're doing all this stuff that you are supposed to do, but they are not getting leads from it.

Roth 401(K) Withdrawal Rules

If you know a thing or two about investing, you probably have a general idea of what a Roth 401(k) is. More or less, a Roth 401(k) is a type of hybrid between a Roth IRA (Individual Retirement Account) and a traditional 401(k). However, the detail of what exactly a Roth 401(k) does is a little bit fuzzy. Specifically, many small-scale investors misunderstand when they can actually take money out of their plan, and how withdrawals a.k.a. distributions are handled when it comes to taxes.


How PEMF Therapy Can Help Heal Your Thyroid

Thyroid diseases have become a significant health issue for many Americans. According to the American Thyroid Association (also known as ATA), more than 12% of Americans will develop some form of thyroid condition during their lifetime.

The Basics of Shaken Baby Syndrome Cases

Shaken baby syndrome is a very common form of child abuse that occurs when a person shakes a baby or toddler violently. Just a few seconds of violent shaking can cause permanent lifelong damage and life-threatening injuries.


Ultimate Checklist: Lead Generation With Linkedin

LinkedIn is social media’s most underrated source for lead generation and overall content marketing. Take a look at how LinkedIn can work for your marketing efforts and how to use the platform to your advantage.

Strategic Referral Marketing - The Basics

Referral marketing is a form of relationship marketing. The main concept behind relationship marketing is that the more good relationships you have, the more good referral opportunities you’ll have.


FluentU Mandarin Chinese
7 Courses to Learn Chinese Through Immersion for Absolute Beginners

Learning Chinese through immersion is far from a new concept. Think about it: Immersion is the perfect way to learn a language. It's the way many immigrants learn the language of their new country. When you're thrown into a totally new culture full of people who speak a foreign language, you're going to end up learning that language eventually out of necessity.

How to Immigrate to Canada From the USA | Cansumer

There are a surprising number of options for American citizens who want to make the move. Hundreds of thousands of people move to Canada every year, and that number only seems to be growing. What's the appeal? For starters, Canada's excellent free healthcare system, beautiful scenery, excellent job opportunities, and friendly citizens make for a great country to live in.

8 Things Not to Miss in Southern Utah

Utah as a whole is a unique state, complete with some of the most beautiful national parks and friendly citizens in the country. It’s no surprise that $9.75 billion is spent in the state by tourists annually.

Press Releases

Private Client
Bindi-Eye - Ultraviolet Idiot Album Release

Bindi- Eye’s 9th release, “Ultraviolet Idiot” is a seven-track mini-album available for download through Bandcamp. “Ultraviolet Idiot” blends typical lo-fi and folk punk with avant-garde elements and psychedelia.

Private Client
TEAL and Safe Fleet Announce Partnership

Safe Fleet and TEAL proudly announce their newest partnership is connecting fleets of all sizes through proprietary programmable eSIM technology for IoT.

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