Elliott Simpson

Copywriter & Editor

Location icon United Kingdom

An enthusiastic and dynamic copywriter and editor. Attentive to detail with a creative and innovative approach; possesses excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills.

Bristol In Stereo
Review: The Spook School

The lights dim, orchestral music begins to play and the band enter the stage wearing matching astronaut outfits, complete with cardboard box helmets. They tell the audience they're going to the moon.

Private Client
How to Enable Great Conversations in Your Contact Centre

Research from Walker predicts that by 2020 customer service will overtake price and product as the most important factor for consumers when deciding whether to use a business’s services. You cannot afford for your customer service to be anything less than great, otherwise, you could easily lose customers to competitors.

Sound Mind
Review: Big Thief - U.F.O.F.

For such a young band, it's incredible how much great music Big Thief has put out. Formed in 2015, the band released their stunning debut, the boldly titled Masterpiece, a year later - an album solid enough to feel like a greatest hits collection. Their second album Capacity, released in 2017, was even stronger.

The Iconic
Beyond Her

For fashion that makes a bold statement, look no further than Australian womenswear label Beyond Her. From crops, evening-ready tops and well-made denim to zip-through mini skirts and sherpa coats, the brand offers a bold edit of street-ready pieces that boast an undeniably vibrant and playful aesthetic.

The Manchester Review
Five Hundred and Forty Meals

A small café, lunchtime. Ryan sits alone, chewing on the inside of his cheek. He watches people as they pass him by, looking for her. Short, blonde, very sarcastic: that’s all the information James has given him. Ryan is thirsty, but he thinks it best to wait. Polite.

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