Elizabeth Sander

Journalist, Recent Grad

United States

I'm a recent graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism and journalist with 3 years experience including print, digital, audio and photo. I seek to take an investigative approach to each story I write, whether it's 800 words or an investigative project, using data and public records to build my case. In other words, I leave no stone unturned.

My bylines include Observer Media, Her Campus, Horse Illustrated, I Love The Upper West Side Blog, The Midtown Gazette, BostonChefs.com and The Tufts Daily. I specialize in local news, education, business and culture. Currently, I'm a National Writer for Her Campus, where I write content across all verticals including breaking news, mental health and relationships.

Occasionally I’ll dabble in the creative sphere, publishing personal essays and (just a smidge of) poetry.

Contact: [email protected]



"Little Pinch": An Independent Pharmacy Stays Alive in Manhattan

The nationwide decline of independently-owned pharmacies has breached Manhattan, once a city rich with such pharmacies on practically every other block. Already struggling to keep afloat in the midst of threats from large chains and discrimination from insurance companies, the pandemic was the final straw. Now, they’re doing everything they can to stay alive. Across St. John the Divine in the heart of Morningside Heights, Town Drug has historically been a cornerstone of the neighborhood. Now,...


The Midtown Gazette
Complaints About Chelsea's Dirty Sidewalks Soar as Tourism Returns

Arthur Tang keeps latex gloves and plastic bags in the downstairs entry to his Chelsea townhouse. Each day, he uses these materials to pick up trash that collects in the dip in his street. It’s not a pleasant task, but if he doesn’t do it, he said no one will.

Horse Illustrated Magazine
What Happened to the Central Park Horse Show?

A horse show inside one of the most densely populated urban landscapes in the country doesn't happen often. But the Central Park Horse Show brought elite horses to the city-for four years in a row. That streak ended in 2017 after subsequent scheduling issues. And an anticipated return in 2020 was sidelined by COVID-19.

Her Campus
Breonna Taylor: What You Need to Know About the Grand Jury Indictment

In March, 26-year-old Breonna Taylor was shot to death by officers who were executing a "no-knock" warrant for drugs. Following the raid in which she was struck by eight bullets, Taylor died in the hallway of her apartment. On Wednesday, a Kentucky grand jury announced its verdict following the investigation into Taylor's shooting.

Her Campus
Gold Medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky on Setting Goals & Taking the Unexpected in Stride

There are few people more qualified to speak about goal-setting than Olympic Gold Medalists Simone Biles and Katie Ledecky. In Capital One and Visa’s latest Vision Board-making event, it’s fitting that Simone and Katie were chosen to show their own 2021 vision boards and discuss the complexities behind goal-setting, and what to do when those goalposts move farther away, as was the case with the postponed 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo.