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Elizabeth Dwyer


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Elizabeth earned her MFA in T.V. & Screenwriting from Stephens College. Her scripts have placed in a number of competitions, including the Austin Film Festival, the ISA Fast Track Fellowship, and the George R.R. Martin Screenwriting Grant. Elizabeth wrote and co-produced two award-winning short films, "Imagining Vera" and "Pinky Promise," and two of her academic essays were recently published in the collection "When Women Wrote Hollywood: Essays on Female Screenwriters in the Early Film Industry" (MacFarland, 2018).

As a writer for the University of New Mexico, Elizabeth researches, writes, and edits articles on a variety of academic subjects and happenings. Her writing publications and accomplishments include:


"Pinky Promise" – Writer, Co-Producer
Winner, Best NM Short Screenplay, Cine Magnifico Latino Film Fest
Winner, Best Director, Flicks4Chicks competition

"Imagining Vera" – Writer, Co-Producer
Winner, Best Film, Albuquerque 48-Hour Film Project

"North Amerikay" – Writer
ISA Fast Track Fellowship 2018, Finalist
Austin Film Fest 2018, Second Rounder (top 15%)

"Lovewrecked" – Writer
Austin Film Fest 2016, Second Rounder (top 15%)

"The Other Woman" – Writer
Finalist, Oregon Film Awards
Finalist, WMC 28 (
Semi-Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices

"Love, Pandora" – Writer
Semi-Finalist, We Screenplay Diverse Voices

"Extra Ordinary" – Co-Writer
Finalist, George R.R. Martin Screenwriting Grant

"Bright Futures" – Co-Writer
Quarterfinalist, WMC 38 (


"When Women Wrote Hollywood: Essays on Female Screenwriters in the Early Film Industry" (MacFarland, 2018)

Freelance Articles
Elephant Journal – "For My Daughter: Full Belly, Happy Heart"
Howlround – Cafecito: "Duking it Out with a Southwest Troupe"
The Weekly Alibi – "Well Fraised"
The Weekly Alibi – "Doctor of Dance" – Creator, Contributor
The Outlier Collective (now defunct) – "Give Us Our Sexy Back"

Elizabeth can be reached via the contact page on her website:

Elephant Journal
For My Daughter: Full Belly, Happy Heart.

Via Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin on Jun 29, 2015 When she grabs and pinches and squeezes my flesh, I don't feel self-conscious. I don't think about losing weight, or if my abdomen will look good when I'm wearing my best lingerie.

UNM Newsroom
Fighting for her students and her status

Most of us can point to at least one: the teacher we will never forget. The "O Captain, my Captain..." who set the bar higher and opened us up to new worlds and ideas. For The University of New Mexico alumna Ivonne Orozco Acosta, that teacher was Mr....

Winner - Albuquerque 48 Hour
Imagining Vera

A Lumos Productions Film Created by Lauren Myers & Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin. A woman revisits a doctor in order to protect her future--but is the world really as it seems? Made for the Albuquerque 48 Hour Film Project Winner: "Best Film," "Best Director" "Best Actor (Frank Taylor Green)," "Best Use of Prop," "Best Sound Design" Produced by Lauren Myers and Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin Directed by Lauren Myers Written by Elizabeth Dwyer Sandlin

Beauty Coup
Becoming Gilead: How About We NOT

Editor's Note: Our M.O. at Beauty Coup is positivity. We aim to celebrate, uplift, and champion all women. Today we feel compelled to take a break from our regularly scheduled exulting to address the unprecedented threats* to women's rights in our country, and why The Handmaid's Tale scares the sh*t out of us.

UNM Newsroom
For the love of science

With rich and storied histories, it's no wonder that organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), have been so successful in helping millions of people on the path to recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. For Katie...

Beauty Coup
A Story About My Purse

This morning I learned that the woman who designed my purse decided she no longer wanted to be alive. I didn't know Kate Spade in any capacity, save for the brand she built around herself. A quirky, preppy empire that speaks forcefully to my inner Charlotte, with its world full of bows and clean lines...

Enedina Films
Pinky Promise

Winner, Best NM Short Screenplay, Cine Magnifico Latino Film Fest Winner, Best Director, Flicks4Chicks competition In this lighthearted comedy, two coworkers attend a pivotal dinner party where they will learn the fate of their careers while juggling the nuances of friendship and romance.

Arts Profile: Teens awarded for efforts behind professional-quality Fraise magazine

A typical art publication made by teenagers comes off a Xerox machine, is bound by a Swingline and has an alternating blank page for every page of off-toned black and white print. When Amy Biehl High School students Mikala Sterling and Sofia Resnik took an elective class freshman year, their teachers encouraged them to aim for a more professional and focused aesthetic.

UNM Newsroom
Your Voice Matters: Ending Sexual Violence on Campus

In the wake of sexual assault allegations raised against Harvey Weinstein, rally cries of #MeToo and #TimesUp are everywhere. From the Grammys to groups of women farmworkers to Time Magazine's 2017 Person of the Year. People of all genders across...

Cafesito: Duking it out with a Southwest Troupe

Albuquerque, New Mexico: We have a varied company, and we're always looking to put on kick ass plays. It's pretty cool that we have a company where any of our actresses could play Hamlet. And not like, "Female Hamlet", but you know, Hamlet.

Beauty Coup
Black is Beautiful

History proves that in every cultural shift, there is a moment when the fabric of our society stretches too thin. Where the people who are suffering reach a breaking point. It isn't always a clear-cut moment, like Stonewall or Rosa on the bus. Sometimes the moment of breaking is an accumulation of too many other moments...

Beauty Coup
Talking to Our Daughters

This morning brought with it a handful of Facebook posts sharing these musings from Sarah Koppelkam of Hope Avenue. It is a sweet and idealistic post about what we should tell our daughters about their bodies. The short, short version is this: we should tell them nothing, beyond the functional. photo by Twin Lens Images:

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