Elaine Mead

Freelance Content Writer & Editor

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Elaine is a confident and professional Content Writer & Editor, currently based in Australia. She has written professional content for business, corporate, not-for-profit, and educational purposes. This includes extensive research, proof-reading and editing experience. Elaine also writes flash fiction, micro-fiction, and short stories and her work has been published on Reflex Press, AdHoc Fiction, Mercurial Stories, and Underground Writers. Her work has been long and shortlisted for the Reflex Press quarterly prize and National Flash Fiction Day Micro Fiction Prize, and published in three anthologies dedicated to flash fiction.

Below is a small sample of her work.


Education & Careers

Springpod Blog
How Virtual and Augmented Reality are Shaking Up the Classroom

Imagine teaching your students about the solar system. Now imagine being able to give them the opportunity to really 'see' the solar system. Take this one step further and imagine enabling your students to be able to step into the galaxy and walk around the planets.

Springpod Blog
3 Ways to Use EdTech to Support Student Career Development | Springpod Blog

Career quizzes have long been the favoured method in schools for students to start building an idea of the different career pathways and jobs that might be relevant for them. There's a whole range of websites offering up different tests and quizzes that students can sit in front of for half an hour before it reveals their 'top' results.

Springpod Blog
What is EdTech? And Why is it Important for CEIAG? | Springpod Blog

Either through conversations with colleagues or from the power of the internet, you probably have some idea of what 'EdTech' means and what it refers to. But have you thought about how it applies to you in the classroom? Especially when it comes to careers education?

Health & Psychology

World of Psychology
The Real Power of a Power Ballad: How Music Shapes Our Moods

Like most people, music fuels a large part of my life. In times of emotional highs and lows, I turn to music as a way of making sense of different experiences. I'm one of those annoying people who, once I find a song that I connect with, will play it on repeat.

World of Psychology
Want to Be Happier? Try Changing the Conversations You Have

Like many of you no doubt, I've spent a long time thinking I was simply no good at networking. In fact, I've spent a long time thinking I was no good at socializing full stop. Then I realized, the main reason I was finding it so painful was because I was being asked the wrong questions, and in turn I was asking the wrong questions.

Productivity + Lifestyle

Darling Magazine
How the Japanese Concept of 'Ikigai' Can Help You Live More Intentionally

How many of us have thought, if I earn this much, I'll be happier or if I owned that thing, I'll be happier? I'm willing to gamble more than a few. So it's refreshing that in recent years, as a society, we've started to move away from the idea that economic success, wealth and possessions are signs of achievement or the sole items responsible for our happiness.

Rising Tide
Why Creatives Still Need a Resume - Rising Tide

The standard of a resume seems outdated, especially in creative industries where you (rightly) believe the focus should be on your skills, work, and character. But while a stellar portfolio may be what lands you the job, that doesn't mean you can forget about having a resume just yet.

Rising Tide
To Get More Done, Stop Mistaking "Busy" for "Productive" - Rising Tide

Modern society rewards and reveres people who are busy. The busier you are, the more productive you must be. Your output has to be adding value, right? Not necessarily. Here are some of the most common beliefs about improving productivity-and why they're actually making you less productive.

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