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Dr. Shari Youngblood

Health & Wellness Copywriting/Content Creation

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Hi, I'm Shari - I use evidence-based, personality-infused writing and research to help businesses in the natural health & wellness industry connect authentically with their audience, grow their customer base, and increase their bottom line.

Working with me comes with side effects, enabling you to:

- painlessly and efficiently establish yourself as an authority in your niche
- earn respect in your professional community
- make more money
- have more time for yourself and the people and things you love
- make a strong connection with the PEOPLE WHO NEED YOU THE MOST

What you'll get:

- doctoral-level expertise in the food, nutrition, health and wellness arena
- thoroughly researched and referenced copy (that's still fun to read)
- consumer deep-dive = writing about topics your target audience is searching for
- catchy titles and headlines that compel people to read and share on social media
- SEO-optimized articles without the spammy and annoying keyword-stuffing
- triple-checking that the work I deliver is scientifically accurate and typo-free
- brainstorming article ideas based on your ideal audience
- formatting so that everything is easy to read and ready to go as is
- truly professional copywriting, on time, so you can shine like the star you are


My Bio:

I'm a board-certified doctor of clinical nutrition with professional experience as both a writer and a functional medicine clinician. I've also worked as a culinary medicine expert and special diet chef; a nutrition research supervisor on an enormous, multi-year USDA-funded study; a pro blogger and weekly food & lifestyle columnist; and have 24 years of experience living, cooking, and eating in the Mediterranean Basin.

My B.A. was in Cultural/Medical Anthropology and my M.A. was in Sociology. I love exploring the intersection of food, culture, and health.

Find me at www.nutritionwriting.com

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Private Client - NDA (Popular Neurology Blog)
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Short-Form Blog Post w/o References, Lighthearted, Audience-Building