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Peabody-award winning investigative reporter. Food/wine/travel blogger and long-time science, technology and health care journalist. Former chief communications officer at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, NY; communications director and lecturer at UCSF School of Medicine; health and technology reporter for USA Today; science editor at UPI.

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These days, distractions are everywhere. How do you navigate the modern word without feeling completely stressed out? Read on.


The Communications Golden Hour: The Essential Guide to Public Information When Every Minute Counts

Once the importance of the first 60 minutes was recognized and trauma care was streamlined around that golden hour, survival rates after car crashes and other major injuries...


Lessons for Public Information Officers from Paul Revere

Times and technologies change, but the realities that prompted one of the most famous emergency alerts in history remain true today. Just as Paul Revere had to go door to door...

You Can Get Your DNA Tested At An NFL Game. Should You?

Depending on whom you ask, finding out whether your genes make you a better athlete or give you healthier skin may be as easy as swabbing your cheeks for a DNA test on your way...

KQED Future of You

Free DNA Kits at S.F. 49ers Games Attract Skeptics - and Regulators

Depending on whom you ask, finding out whether your genes make you a better athlete or give you healthier skin may be as easy as swabbing your cheeks for a DNA test on your way...


The importance of FOIA as a tool for journalists and the public

Last week I had the honor of moderating a panel at The Rockefeller University that looked at how the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and other laws

Scientific American for AARP

Spatial Reasoning Is Your Brain's Inner GPS

One of a series of videos produced for Scientific American and AARP on brain science. This one was about "spatial reasoning," the brain's "GPS." To strengthen spatial...

Scientific American for AARP

Video: How Selective Attention Helps You Stay Focused

Part of a series of brain science videos produced for Scientific American and AARP. In a world full of distraction, our brain's selective attention allows us to stay...

When Fear Becomes An Unintended Public Health Problem

With the Zika virus in the daily headlines, public health authorities should be looking carefully at how they communicate about this latest emerging infectious disease. People...


If you are concerned about corruption...

Here are just a few items that you may have missed in the past couple of days. UPDATE: On top of all the stuff below, check out the top story in the March 13 New Yorker , which...

The Midatlantic Show

What's Next for Progressives?

Doug Levy was interviewed for his perspective on how progressive Americans should respond to Donald Trump's election.


Addressing Healthcare Cybersecurity Strategically

White paper about health care data security for HIMSS Media on behalf of Symantec.

San Francisco Chronicle

St. Helena Primal event - artisan butchering

Watching someone carve up a whole hog or roast a whole goat, pig or rabbit over an open fire might not be everyone's idea of fun, but a festival at a St. Helena vineyard...

Marin Independent-Journal

Inn at the Inn - Food column

Food column advertorial for Lark Creek Inn

Doug Levy

Helping hospitals learn from tragic mistakes

This article about medical errors was one of the first major news stories about the "epidemic" of mistakes in hospitals in the United States. Articles like this helped advance...

Doug Levy

Tobacco deal

Levy, Doug. "Tobacco's Top Foe Raps Deal." USA TODAY, Jun 23, 1997.

San Francisco Chronicle

BAR BITES: Boca Steak and Seafood

On weekdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., it's an absolute bargain, as items on the bar menu are offered at half price. Boca's bar is a little like a large country living room, with...