Doug Hovelson

Freelance journalist - writer - photographer - public relations

Experience in all aspects of the media world - journalism, public relations, advertising
- Managing editor, suburban newspapers, Minneapolis area
- Freelance sports columnist, Minneapolis
- Freelance writer, many years - business, arts, sports
- Photojournalism - Getty Images contributor
- Copywriting, public relations and advertising
- Public relations executive, Bozell Advertising & PR
- Public relations agency owner, Big Thunder PR

United States


Minneapolis Star Tribune, others

St. Paul's Commodore Bar Roars Back to Life

F. Scott Fitzgerald's legendary St. Paul hang-out returns to the Twin Cities scene

Minnesota Lawyer

Lawyer rocks again with firm's band

Two years on the road as a rocker, then on to the law, and now back on the road again wiith the company band.

Minnesota Lawyer

A time and a place for happy hours

"And then there are the frequent, unscheduled happy hours." Not that they ever get out of hand, but the in-house amenities at Halunen Law do lend themselves to bursts of...

Minnesota Lawyer

Adventures abound along lesser-traveled roads, Eric Janus avows

Even in the day-glo hued, go-go 1960s, the old world ways still held sway in many parts of the world. Eric Janus, born and bred in the civilized suburban precincts surrounding...

Minnesota Lawyer

Every day is a red carpet day for Clayton Halunen

How does a Minnesota Iron Range-born and raised, Hamline Law School-educated Minneapolis attorney achieve a reputation for sartorial splendor within the Minnesota legal...

Minnesota Lawyer

No place for business casual in Kristin Rowell's wardrobe

Kristin Rowell takes pride in presenting herself in a professional manner at work. "I take my appearance seriously," she says. Business casual? She never got the memo. "Lawyers...

Minnesota Lawyer

What's in your handbag?

Most crucially, a Microsoft Surface with her entire practice on it. An iPhone 6 with an "I voted" sticker on it. Notecards. A passport. A clutch purse that is also a wallet....

Minnesota Lawyer

Cornell Moore's Laws of Sartorial Success

Long ago and far away, Cornell Leverette Moore first undertook his real-world studies into the proprieties of dressing for business and personal success. "I'm from the South...

Minnesota Lawyer

20th century art lives on at Maslon

To anyone visiting the law offices of Maslon LLP in downtown Minneapolis for the first time, be forewarned: Schedule extra time, lots of it, if you're at all interested in 20th...

Minnesota Lawyer

Travel's a family affair for globetrotter Mark Gordon

Some people collect souvenirs from their travels to remind them of where they've been. Mark Gordon, dean of the Mitchell Hamline School of Law in St. Paul, Harvard Law School...


Pitch-Poor Pitch Letters.

Avoid Pitch-Poor Pitch Letters For Better Public Relations Results

Halunen Law website blog

Civil War Era False Claims Act Under Fire - Again

St. Paul Pioneer Press

Bootleggers Banquet Honors Midwest's Best Craft Spirits

The Midwest's booming craft distilled spirits industry recognized by the Commodore Bar's Bootleggers Club

Eater, others

It Took A Restaurant To Revive An Inner-City St. Paul Neighborhood

Run-down and notorious, the Cathedral Hill area of St. Paul needed a spark. A young real estate entrepreneur decided to take a chance on opening an upscale bar and restaurant on...

Insight News

THOR Plans New Multitenant Headquarters in N Minneapolis

Thor looking to revitalize "urban corner" with move.

Hudson Star-Observer

Birdseed Wreaths from Birdworks Assist Special Needs Adults

A holiday gift idea happily for the birds

Downtown Journal - Minneapolis

Ready. Set. Landscape.

Landscapers, rejoice - new season, new trends

Minnesota Real Estate Journal

Secrets of a Master Apartment Renovator

"If it doesn't have problems, I probably paid too much."

Suburban Newspapers - Twin Cities

Life In The Chemo-Zone: The Ultimate Survival Guide

Part survival guide and part workbook, The Chemo Zone offers support and reassurance...through this stressful and challenging journey.

General Transmissions website

Continuously Variable Transmissions Are Ready To Roll In Outdoor Power Equipment Market

A 500-year old idea finds favor as transmission choice for lawn tractors