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Ricardo Araya


Soy un periodista recién titulado de la Universidad Católica del Norte, Antofagasta. Durante dos años me desempeñé como encargado de prensa en Radio Sol, Antofagasta. Además, fui docente de alumnos con talentos académicos en DeLTA UCN. He escrito en revistas inmobiliarias y para medios de comunicación con cobertura nacional. Tengo buena redacción y dicción, además de manejo en RR.SS. y creación de contenido. Me destaco por ser una persona proactiva, con capacidad de producir bajo presión y comprometida con mi trabajo.

Joshi Herrmann


I got into journalism as a student by joining the founding team of The Tab at Cambridge. From 2011-2015 I was a staff feature writer on the London Evening Standard. I have also written for the Guardian, the Independent Magazine, the Spectator, Newsweek and VICE. I can be reached at joshiherrmann at gmail dot com Highly Commended 'Young Journalist of the Year' (Press Awards 2013) Highly Commended 'Feature Writer of the Year' (Press Awards 2015)

Jack Taylor

Aspiring Wildlife Journalist

I've always had a burning desire to write. Whether it be about myself and my accomplishments or my experiences. From when I first started to be able to write I would always have my head in the pad scribbling away about my day and the foreseeable future ahead of me. Sadly I never carried the interest for it all through school and college. A major regret of mine which I cursed myself for for many years. Until now. I finished and left college in my hometown in 2008, 6 months earlier than every one else but with no qualifications under my belt whatsoever. I found a full-time job instead and earned my money for my first car straight away. It wasn't until 2017 where I found the passion I once had for writing again. I had read many books in that time and I also gained a new interest in wildlife journalism. All thanks to David Attenborough. I even started writing my own book, a fictional novel but with hard researched facts about the planet itself and how we can all help in slowing the process of the inevitable climate change. Although my first book is still in the workshop I am pursuing my love of writing even more so by recently applying to reinstate myself back into college where I will be studying for an education in journalism. I hope to progress onto university to aspire to inspire and influence people of the great outdoors our planet holds for us and that travelling should be on any ones bucket list. Thank you for reading. Jack



Hannah Cravens

Freelance Writer and Editor.

My name is Hannah K. Cravens, and I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing. I am proficient in both fiction and non fiction writing, along with experience in journalism, research writing, and web content writing.

Kim Haldin

Freelance Writer

A trained scriptwriter and online journalist with a wide understanding of various forms of storytelling. Left the Finnish Broadcasting Company to study creative writing in Singapore. Now back in Finland, looking for new challenges.


sydney sloan


I am currently a Psychology major at The University of Tampa, with a minor in Public Relations. Writing has always been something I have struggled with, but there's no better way to improve my writing skills than to practice! Throughout my college experience scientific writing was a skill I have practiced, but media and professional writing has been an experience that I lack. Taking a media writing class not only has opened me up to an array of writing methods, but has taught me to share and express my creative side through words. I consider myself a right brained girl, but I tend to express myself more with physical art like painting and making jewelry instead. This writing portfolio is for people to see that you do not have to be perfect, but as long as you continue your experiences and practice you can improve.


Mark Berman

Writer / Content Producer / Music Nerd

Recent graduate of California State University, Long Beach with a BA in journalism. I specialize in music and entertainment, creating a wide range of content both DIY and in larger publications in the form of interviews, criticism, feature writing and digital audio/video production.


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Maddie Manwaring

Journalist in the making

Former intern/content writer at liliLife. Former intern at Forbes magazine Indonesia. ACICIS Alumni. Current journalism student at USC. Writing about all things women, politics, news, environment, and pop culture.