Diana Shi

New York City-based Editor, Writer, and Social Media Professional

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Hi! My name is Diana Shi, and I am a writer, editor, and lover of things involving beautiful
language and imagery. I am based in New York City, and originally from the Midwest. You can read my work at Mashable, VICE, Teen Vogue etc.

Interested in talking more? Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

How Calder and MirĂ³ Discovered the Same Aesthetic While an Ocean Apart

Though divided by an ocean and World War II, two renowned 20th century artists managed to create remarkably similar work in their respective mediums. American artist Alexander Calder, widely known for his metal sculptures and hanging mobiles, and Spanish artist Joan MirĂ³, a Surrealist with an early connection to the Dada community, entered complementary phases of their respective careers on opposite sides of the world.

Graphic artist respins classic movie posters for every day of the year

We're all familiar with the mechanics of a favorite movie: You watch one flick over and over again - until your friends start addressing you as the "IMDb page for The Godfather: Part II" Graphic designer, Peter Majarich, has his fair share of favorite movies, as well.

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