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I believe in the power of words. Successful writing brings the reader many places, and the clearest result is to bring him or her to your business.

Do WWE Know What They Are Doing?

Let's dispel once and for all this fiction that WWE doesn't know what it's doing. It knows exactly what it's doing. It's making smart marks out of us all. Fans and critics agree that the continued rise of Roman Reigns as the company's top babyface seems to prove that WWE are out of touch with its fans.

How To Clean A Suede Jacket: 5 Easy Steps

Suede is an icon of class. A well-kept suede jacket can distinguish the fashionable from the fashion-forward. But with a material so fine and delicate, it seems hazards are always right around the corner. Even a sudden sprinkling rain can turn your night out into a nightmare.

How To Wear Boat Shoes - A Three-Point Guide

If nautical nuisance be something you wish - keep looking! The boat shoe is nothing to mess around with. First designed by sailors for sailors in the 1930's, the shoe featured a special grip on the outsole, which helped many a matey find his sea legs.

How To Wear Dress Shoes With Jeans

Wearing dress shoes with jeans is a risk. The mullet comes to mind: "business up front, party in the back," sounds like a reasonable philosophy for a hairstyle. But of course, mullets are the ultimate symbol of tackiness. So, if you are trying to pull off "business on the feet, party on the legs," be wary.