Denise M. Damron, PhD

Certified Copyblogger Content Marketer

Denise Damron is a senior level marketing strategist specializing in all forms of content development including digital and print. In addition to leading her own marketing consulting firm, she has worked for Humana Inc., Fox Television, Sheehy and Associates Advertising, PriceWeber Marketing Communications, and United Way. Her education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Political Science, a Master’s Degree in Marketing, and a PhD in Communication.


Denise has earned Copyblogger’s “Certified Content Marketer” designation by completing advanced coursework and passing a detailed review of her work. Copyblogger Media, one of the preeminent marketing and blogging resources for bloggers, is a digital commerce company with more than 200,000 unique customers founded by Brian Clark in 2006.

Industry Experience

In addition to working with several Fortune 500 companies and a Fortune 100 company, she has worked with small to medium-sized businesses. Some of the industries she has worked with include the following:

Appliance manufacturing; banking; broadcast television; casino gambling; Catholic Archdiocese; fast food; convenience store; grocery; health care (hospital, health insurance, physician, wellness); home builders association; horse racing, lottery; manufacturing; non-profit/fundraising; orchestra and the arts; paint manufacturer; property development and real estate; retail; social services; stock brokerage/financial services; tool manufacturer; tourism; utilities (water, gas & electric).

Email: [email protected]

Portfolio Marketing Blog

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