Denise Cathey

Staff Photographer

United States

I’m seeking a role that utilizes the communication and design skills that I’ve already honed in community journalism.

I’m currently seeking a company to grow with using my writing, visual media and storytelling skills I have honed as a newspaper multimedia reporter. Currently, I am a staff photographer and in this role, I am responsible for researching, planning, and executing short-term and long-term multimedia projects and written content for three newspapers spanning the Rio Grande Valley in addition to magazine publications. Our content has a large focus on data such as communicating immigration trends and political policy impact and breaking down complicated COVID-19 data and hospitalization occupancy numbers. I am also responsible for writing between 4 to 8 stories per month and crafting long-term photo essays around national issues and daily life in the Rio Grande Valley. Crafting compelling stories using data, photography, and video is something I love because it makes news interactive and engaging for our readers.

Before working for the Brownsville Herald, I was the staff photographer at the San Marcos Daily Record, a newspaper that publishes seven editions per week. I was responsible for daily photo content, long-term photo projects, video content, and features in addition to planning out special magazine and chamber of commerce content and features.

I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters in Journalism, with an emphasis in visual storytelling. Before this, I graduated from Texas State University- San Marcos with a BFA in studio practices focusing on photography. Before my position at the paper, I worked as an intern and photo assistant for Matt Rainwaters Photography working in freelance editorial and commercial photography, and at the University Star as the assistant photo editor. I am hardworking, curious, friendly, and committed to whatever I put myself to.

Brownsville dancers work to blaze trail to national contest in Utah

It's been hours, eight to be exact, of exhaustive work and sweat for the teenage dancers inside the Promesa College Prep gymnasium on this day, June 24, in Brownsville. The Texas Heat formation dance team remains hard at work despite their fatigue, despite the fact they do this each day of the week.
Actor Cheech Marin lauds Valley artist's expressive pop art

As articles and reviews poured out for the new Cheech Marin Center for Chicano Art & Culture in Riverside, California - also known as "The Cheech" - and the opening of its inaugural show "Cheech Collects" on June 18, one painting kept appearing again and again.
Gift of life: New mothers in Valley donating living tissue

This Mother's Day, several new mothers in the Rio Grande Valley are not just celebrating their babies but that together, mother and child gave the gift of saving a life. Since August 2021, Valley Baptist Medical Center-Brownsville has been part of a unique program with the Texas Donor Network to provide living tissue donations.
'White gold': Growers carry on Valley's sugar tradition

In the soft darkness of the warehouse, a golden mountain gleams under a spotlight as a bulldozer's headlights sweep back and forth, picking up shovel loads of what initially looks like sand before dumping it into a bin onboard a truck.
Eviction standstill nearing closure; CDC tenant protections ending soon

With deadlines for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's eviction moratorium and a Texas Supreme Court emergency order coming up this month, tenants face uncertainty as to what form possible extensions will take. In addition, a ruling by Judge J. Campbell Barker of the Eastern District of Texas last month has added further confusion [...]

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