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I believe that the mark of a good writer is explaining a complicated idea in simple language.

Business Network: The Circular Economy

This is the biggest opportunity of our lifetime. Entire industries are rising and falling. Business leaders who make the choice now to embrace circular economic practices will catch this wave at the start and ride it with a strong competitive advantage—a circular advantage. The circular economy is not just the preferred economy of the future. It is the only economy of the future… and for the future.

The Information Advantage

The pace of change is accelerating. Businesses today are operating in the next industrial revolution, and the rules have changed. This is Industry 4.0. It is imposing new demands on the organizations of all sizes—and creating new opportunities.

HighView Financial Group
Debunking the Investment Industry: Relative Benchmarking

How is your investment manager benchmarking the success of your portfolio? This is a very important question, made all the more crucial because how your portfolio’s performance is judged – the benchmark against which it is being measured – can completely change the way your portfolio is structured.

The Benefits Trust
The Smart Employer's Guide to Healthcare Spending Accounts

Healthcare Spending Accounts (HCSA) are a popular addition to conventional group health and dental plans. They are practical, affordable, flexible, and a cost-effective way to meet the changing needs of many employers and diverse needs of many employees.

Roger R Foisy Injury Law Firm
The Long Term Disability Insurance Process and Why It Can Fail

Many people with valid long term disability (LTD) claims are denied. Why does this happen? Shouldn't our system have processes in place to ensure that those who need long term disability receive it? The unfortunate reality is that the process for receiving long term disability insurance is broken, and there isn't a single place to lay the blame.

Silver Sherpa
Do You Know the Hidden Costs for Unpaid Elderly Caregivers?

When elderly relatives need care, it's most often family members - adult children for example - who step in to help. And while they anticipate certain costs, such as a few out-of-pocket expenses or taking several weeks off work, there are many hidden costs that just aren't on their radar.