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At UConn, Millions Of Army Ants Represent A Lifetime's Work

University of Connecticut biologist Carl Rettenmeyer and his wife Marian spent 50 years studying the army ants of South America's rainforests -- tough, aggressive insects who...


Yale Study: Everyone Has Their Price, Even Babies

Everyone has a price. The phrase dates back to ancient Rome, but a new Yale University study tried to find out if that extends to babies. Arber Tasimi,a graduate student at...


Lance Supersad: Out Of Addiction, Leading Others To Recovery

At a recovery support group in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Lance Supersad and Paul Elliott are seated across from each other. Supersad, 20, leans forward, listening intently as...


Yale Art Gallery May Hold World's Oldest Known Virgin Mary Painting

Just over 200 years after Jesus died, in 240 A.D., someone made a wall-painting of a woman in a house in the ancient city of Dura Europos, now in modern Syria. Almost seventeen...


How Improv Lessons Are Helping Scientists Express Themselves

Any journalist will tell you that it can be difficult for scientists to explain themselves in layman's terms. Actor Alan Alda and Stony Brook University are trying to change...


Tainted Heroin Causes 18 Overdoses In New London, Conn.

Doctors at Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in New London, Connecticut say a batch of tainted heroin caused 18 overdoses and one death in the past week. When Tammy Sisco found out...


Lessons In Love From America's Longest-Married Couple

If you need romantic advice on Valentine's Day, you might want to ask the longest-married couple in the United States. John and Ann Betar have been married for 83 years. He's...


The Story Of Bridgeport's Revolutionary Corset Factory

There were some 500 factories in Bridgeport, Connecticut at the turn of the last century. They made products that were sold all over the world - everything from sewing machines,...


Computer Program Composes Music That Fools Humans

Last year, more than 200 listeners participated in two online studies where they were asked to see if they could tell the difference between music written by a human and music...


Yale Library Is Putting Thousands Of Mystery VHS Tapes Online

Yale is putting more than 2,000 VHS tapes online by the end of 2016. Archivists say even they don't know what's on them until they put them in a VCR and press "play."


Restoring Bridgeport's Barnum Museum

Nineteenth century showman P.T. Barnum was the father of the American circus. He was also an early mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut, and he developed much of the city's...


A Cold Night For New Haven's Homeless, And Those Who Serve Them

Wednesday night was the coldest night of the winter so far in the region, with temperatures dropping to the single digits and wind chills of nearly 20 degrees below zero. In...


Two Years Later, A Movement Of Kindness In Newtown

Sunday marks two years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Over the past two years, thousands of people around the country have responded...


The haunted "Annabelle" doll of horror movies is real - and she's in Connecticut

Annabelle is one of this week's top box office draws. The horror film is the story of a possessed doll that terrorizes a family. The doll was also a character in the 2013 film...


Scientists Get Ready to Battle a Tiny Killer of Trees

Arborists in Connecticut are getting ready for another summer battling the emerald ash borer. They're beetles that kill trees, and they've been spreading.


Last Call For Metro Bar Cars

A ride on the last bar car in America as it left New York's Grand Central Station. Aired nationally on NPR's All Things Considered.


Last call on the New Haven Line bar car

A longer version of "Last Call" that ran on WSHU-FM in Connecticut.

Newtown Patch

Newtown Patch

Live Updated Coverage from the Sandy Hook Shooting

Coverage from the scene, starting on the morning of Dec. 14 and continuing through the following days.