Dan Wolpow

All-Around Creative

Location icon United States

Director/Producer of cutting-edge interactive media. Creator of several original musicals. Modern-day bon vivant.


Interactive Entertainment

Narrative Designer/Producer
e v o l v e - no more small steps

Evolve brings together artists, designers, thinkers, makers, writers, and more to help museums foster excitement for natural history topics. Partnering with the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Evolve is creating a puzzle-based, narrative-driven experience for the 21 through 35-year-old demographic.

Creative Director/Producer
PROJECT NEVERLAND - Presented by Team TheatAR

Project Neverland is an exploration project focusing on the use of augmented reality in live performance. In collaboration with the CMU School of Drama, the team is adapting an existing story to the stage featuring a fully-realized animated character that performs alongside a human actor.

Prism—Evoking Empathy for Autism

Prism is a technological solution to an important problem society faces today—helping neurotypical people to empathize with those on the autism spectrum.


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