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Dane Sigler

Content Specialist

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I graduated from the University of California, San Diego with degrees in History and the Study of Religion. Writing has always been my calling — I immediately began a career in copywriting and never looked back. I’ve worked as a professional copywriter for nearly ten years and have published work in the fields of travel, technology, fitness, finance, and education.

After earning a certification in TEFL from the University of Cambridge, I taught English internationally for several years. As of 2019, I live and work in Southern California.


Finance and Technology

The Founder's CPA
Blockchain Accounting

Long-form article that explores the concept of blockchain accounting,

Education and Technology

Business and Employee Management

Fitness and Health

Raleigh Chiropractor | Corrective Chiropractic
Get Ready to Go Outside!

Article exploring some of the ways to get out and have a healthy summer!

Travel and a Dash of Legal

Odds and Ends

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