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Photo Editor

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I am an editor for Santa Rosa Junior College's newspaper, the Oak Leaf. I take photos, design and write while also contribute in every way possible.

The Oak Leaf
Hollywood says 'Time's Up' to sexual harassment

The #metoo movement was a full-fledged storm in 2017 and fueled a new fire in 2018 with just two simple words: Time's Up. However, the fiery passion and determination that was prominent at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards and Emmys was silenced during the Grammys, after a laughably large number of female nominees in...

The Oak Leaf
An abundance of love for Simon

"Love, Simon" is as much a celebration of diversity as it is an idyllic and witty reimagination of the modern teenage experience. It's a poem to gay youth across America; a sonnet that personifies and embodies the gay experience, cultivating the woes of coming-of-age and coming out.

The Oak Leaf
With new album, Kylie stays "Golden"

Emulating the likes of Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears and Madonna, Kylie Minogue revitalizes the sound of past pop divas into a fresh and modern new album. Kylie Minogue outshines the rest in her album "Golden," and redefines what it means to be an icon. With the influences of country and EDM, "Golden" touches upon...

The Oak Leaf
The Wallows' 'Spring: EP' mixes teenage angst and nostalgia

Somewhere between the Beatles and the Fray lies the Wallows: a new and improved alternative-pop persona that encompasses the qualities of early '80s garage bands. First albums are usually exciting and rarely depressing, but somehow the Wallows capitalizes off the summertime sadness one experiences only in youth.

The Oak Leaf
"I Feel Pretty" embodies today's beauty standards

Amy Schumer's newest film, "I Feel Pretty", hams its' way through the cliché trope of inner beauty besting outer beauty, prompting few laughs and a lot of cringe in a rather reluctant-to-watch theater. Schumer, who last starred in 2017's "Snatched," is undeniably charismatic; but it's talent she lacks.

The Oak Leaf
SRJC puts a stop-light to human trafficking

Shawn Venleuven, 35, is happy to be alive. "If there's anything you should take from my story, it's that human trafficking can happen to anyone," Venleuven said to audience members during Human Trafficking Awareness Night on May 9, an event the Santa Rosa Junior College Active Minds club hosted in Bertollini hall.