C.T. Casberg


a.k.a. Christopher Thomas Casberg or Chris Casberg.

Former Marine/SIGINT. Graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. Games, culture, faith, art, etc.

United States of America



The Problem with Nazi Punching in Wolfenstein 2

Disclaimer: Gamechurch is a nonprofit ministry. As such we do not publicly endorse or condemn candidates or political parties. We do, however, give our writers the freedom to...

TGC - The Gospel Coalition

'That Dragon, Cancer': A Video Game on Death, Grief, and Our Living Hope

Some years ago, the late film critic Roger Ebert weighed in on the debate over whether video games could be art: "Let me just say that no video gamer now living will survive...


What 'No Man's Sky' and C. S. Lewis Tell Us About the Spirit of Our Age

The recent hit sci-fi video game promises an infinite galaxy to explore. Is that enough?

Kill Screen

Let the Nostalgia Die: C.S. Lewis and the Final Fantasy VII Remake

Eighteen years ago, a young Minnesota farmboy picked up a magazine left behind by his older brother, and his life changed forever.

Conciliar Post

The Desert Fathers Play Pokemon Go

Two monks left their cell and appeared before Abba Anthony, who was praying. "Abba," said one of the monks, "My brother is in error, saying that Squirtle is the best starter...


Lost Odyssey and the Pain of Love

It was a grey and gloomy day, and I suppose now it couldn't have been otherwise. I'd brought my daughter to the park. This is our daily rite, meant to initiate her into the...


The Great Equalizer: Death in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

In the course of my life I have died, by my best calculation, ninety jillion times. My many demises run the gamut of options: crushed, drowned, run over, smothered, incinerated,...


The Surprising Theological Possibilities of Virtual Reality

VR's greatest strength is not escapism, but empathy.


The Henchman's Lament

The following is a reprint from the Theme section of Unwinnable Monthly Issue Seventy-Seven tackling Bad Luck. If you enjoy what you read, please consider purchasing the issue...

Christ and Pop Culture

Japanese Role-Playing Games: Magic, Airships, and Freedom in Christ - Christ and Pop Culture

Long ago, before gamers felt the Call of Duty or voyaged to the World of Warcraft, before they had Wiimotes to swing or an Xbox that watched them sleep at night with its lidless...


Rediscovering Fun with A Hat in Time

Three hours into Gears for Breakfast's new 3D platformer A Hat in Time , a startling but not unwelcome thought intruded upon the regular workings of my tiny creaking brainbox:...

Geekdom House

To My Daughter: Be Like Rey | Geekdom House

Ah, my dear Madeleine, asleep in your fuzzy tiger costume and strapped to my chest. You are a scant six weeks old, and your life consists entirely of sleeping, eating, bouncing...


Everybody's Gone to the Rapture: The Final Reveal | Gamechurch.com

By C.T. Casberg The end of the world's a funny thing. Everybody's got opinions on it, but nobody's been there yet, making what happens all a bit guesswork. Some think Earth will...

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On Choosing Our Stories

For whatever reason, God made human beings inside of time. We are creatures of linearity, of cause and effect. We experience events in single direction. There is no going...


New Games Criticism, Subjectivity, and You

If you haven't read Paul Kilduff-Taylor's expansive essay on the art and science of writing about video games, fix yourself. It's an incredible piece, and although I disagreed...

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Apocrypha Now! The Wisdom of Solomon in the Age of Ultron

Ancient texts are not irrelevant to today's debates for the plain fact that they are ancient. Rather, ancient texts prove that today's debates recapitulate eternal questions of...