Craig Taylor

Copywriter and marketing professional

United Kingdom

Copywriter and content professional with a wealth of experience in producing advertising, technical product and editorial copy.

With a professional command of German and a flawless feel for the English language, I've produced dozens of campaigns across two countries. Particular achievements include producing copywriting campaigns for The Sun, Sky and Coca-Cola in the UK; and Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Opel and L'Oreal in Germany.


Advertising Campaigns

The Sun+ Conversion Campaign

In-app advertisement completed for The Sun in December 2015, designed to encourage users to download the Sun+ app.

Advertiser and Publisher Prospectus

As part of the launch of TVSMILES' latest advertising platform, I produced a series of brochures and giveaways for the sales team to hand out at DMEXCO 2016.

Ladbrokes Lead Generation Campaign

A download and lead generation campaign for British betting conglomerate, Ladbrokes. Campaign was published through the KWIZZAD mobile advertising platform.

Ernst & Young
E & Y Startup Challenge 2016

A series of articles I wrote for Ernst & Young, as part of their Startup Challenge 2016. The articles went on to be published both online and in brochure format.

TVSMILES Editorial Campaign

An editorial campaign written to increase user retention. The subject of the copy was wealthy celebrities. The tone was meant to humorous.

Chaat! Magazine
Sammic Circular Advertisement

A one page advertisement I prepared on behalf of Sammic. Advert was published in Chaat! Magazine.

Brand Development & Web Pages

National Parks of Europe
About Us

The "about us" page for the National Parks of Europe.

National Parks of Europe
Home Page

The home page for the EU-supported initiative, the National Parks of Europe.

Komoot for Wahoo ELEMNT & ELEMNT BOLT

Komoot and Wahoo have teamed up to superpower your bike rides. Get your free komoot region bundle when you buy a Wahoo device and build better routes!

Evoke Homepage

Homepage for digital marketing and branding agency, Evoke.

Stonica On-Page Copy

Stonica is a retailer of luxury flooring and design installations in Miami, Florida. In 2016, I rewrote all of the copy on their product pages to better align the brand with their core demographic.

LIV Clear - LIV The Life!

LIV comes to you after many years of painstaking dedication and research directed towards bringing you the ultimate vaping and concentrate experience. DISPOSABLES 250mg. EASY TO USE. DISCREET. DISPOSABLE VAPE. READ MORE

The Next Level of Digital Advertising

With KWIZZAD, we are redefining digital advertising by offering both advertisers and publishers the opportunity to meet their goals better than ever before.

Image Flair Website
Image Flair Web Pages

In 2016, I was approached by Image Flair Academy in Singapore to rewrite their online copy and realign their brand message. Image Flair is an etiquette coaching academy based in Singapore.

Email Campaigns

Summer Campaign

Email flight designed to activate users over the summer period in 2017.

Highlight Newsletter

This email was sent out to users to educate on Highlight, and to encourage them to create their own.

Pioneer Contest Invitation Mail

This email was sent out to users to invite them to join the komoot Pioneer contest, with which they could win a trip to the Scottish Highlands.

Long-Form Copy

GreenRush Blog
#GoingGreen - Have Your Voice Heard in the 2016 Election

Tuesday, November 8 th is going to be monumental. It's Election Day, and with cannabis finally on the ballot in 9 states this year, this vote is as much about green as it red or blue. And you need to get out and vote. Voting yes on cannabis legislation is going to change American history.

Evoke Digital
Text that Sells: A Guide to Effective Copywriting

Your copywriting is important. Very important. Write good copy and bam: You can define your brand, encourage maximum conversions and build a rapport with your audience. Write it poorly and nobody will remember you, nobody will return, and nobody will want to buy from you. Did we mention it's important?

GreenRush Blog
HellaWeed 2016 - Oakland's Best Weed Party - GreenRush Blog

It's Halloween, and at GreenRush, Halloween means one thing: It's time to party! So dig out your Halloween costume and round up your buds as you're cordially invited to the hottest Halloween weed party in the Bay. It's GreenRush and Trestl's HellaWeed Halloween party 2016. Did somebody say 'boo'?

Evoke Digital
Top 10 Cities for Start-Ups

Where you decide to launch your start-up is a decision that is just as important as your brand name, who you appoint as CEO and when you enter the market. Pick a great city and you can benefit from less tax, abundant networking opportunities and an established new-business infrastructure that help you start-up in the [...]

GreenRush Blog
GreenRush Blog | Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Review - The Real Sticky Icky

Gorilla Glue #4 is the latest hybrid heavyweight coming out of GG Strains, one of Colorado's most esteemed growers. This multi-award winning strain known for its potency ensures a subtle yet pronounced effect that - as the name suggests - glues you to the sofa.
Camping for beginners: an introduction to spending nights under canvas

Camping means many things to different people. For some, it's an affordable way to leave the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life behind and reconnect with nature. For others, it's a means to an end; a temporary basecamp they can return to after a day spent exploring the nearby landscape.
My Favourite Hike: the Big Beacons Horseshoe

(Image credit: Craig Taylor) In this edition of our My Favourite Hike series, Advnture contributor Craig Taylor takes us on an epic day-hike up over the UK's highest peaks south of Snowdonia.
Tent alternatives: 6 different ways to sleep outside on your next camp

When you think of camping, you probably think of a . The two things just seem to go hand in hand, like crampons and an ice axe, hiking boots and hiking socks . When the end goal is to simply enjoy a good night's sleep in the great outdoors, however, there are tent alternatives out there.

Evoke Digital
The Definitive Guide to Writing a Business Plan

Business plans can be an overwhelming document to draft: They are long, boring and can be seen as quite the burden; especially in the time-sensitive, early phases of any start-up. Regardless of the effort one requires, however, they remain 100% necessary; any start-up, no matter how big or small, really can't afford to do business [...]

German to English Transcreations

jubelkind GmbH - kooperationsmarketing
jubelkind GmbH - kooperationsmarketing

jubelkind ist eine Agentur für Kooperationsmarketing mit Firmensitz in Berlin-Mitte. Wir betreuen Projekte für die Bereiche FMCG, Filialisten, Travel, E-Commerce und Entertainment.

DE-EN Brochure Transcreation

SimplyDelivery is a provider of digital delivery solutions in Germany. In 2015, I was tasked with the job of transcreating and translating all of their company sales materials. This is one of them.