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Corinne Kocher

Freelance Writer and Marketer

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Owner of Pilot Light Communications, offering writing and marketing services in the hospitality industry and elsewhere.

Wordy half of Shared Plates, a food journalism duo.

Based out of Atlanta, GA.


Ghostwritten blogs and articles

Restaurant365 Blog
Restaurant Business Operations: Six Ways to Increase Efficiency and Improve Margins

Running a profitable business in the hyper-competitive restaurant industry is notoriously difficult, because restaurants present unique operational challenges. It can feel overwhelming to systemize and streamline everyday business and operational functions. But with today's software, you can leverage technology to improve restaurant business operations, saving time and money.

Aprio Blog
Experienced Restaurant Owners Have Options for Growth Capital

Experience is a tough teacher, as any business owner will tell you. But experience also brings with it new opportunities, including access to a wider world of financial options for restaurateurs looking to expand. As we discussed in a recent blog on start-up funding for new restaurant owners, opening up a business for the first time in any industry is difficult.

Multifamily Insiders
Three Questions to Ask About Your Social Advertising Strategy

Social advertising in the multifamily industry requires some unique considerations. In contrast to many other short, transactional consumer buying cycles, the consumer journey in the multifamily industry averages 90 days. However, during the extended time period that a prospect is on the market, their intention to find a community is hyper-focused....

White Oak Pastures Blog
Why Order Online?

At White Oak Pastures, all of our orders are packed on our farm. We may not have a fancy warehouse or high-tech inventory system, but we keep do keep it all in the "family" at White Oak Pastures: we raise, slaughter, butcher, package, and ship everything that we offer to our customers.

Restaurant365 Blog
Control Restaurant Labor Costs With Daily Flash Reports

Paying restaurant employees is one of the largest costs for a restaurant. And while there are many aspects of the restaurant industry you may not have control over (hello, unexpected weekend thunderstorms!), labor is your most controllable cost. Understanding your restaurant labor cost, and how to adjust it, can increase your restaurant profitability.

Website Copywriting


Xenial (pronounced zee/nee/ul) comes from the ancient Greek word for hospitality, and our namesake drives our obsession to power your enterprise's hospitality success. You want your enterprise to provide great customer experiences and become a loved brand. All the technology stuff? That's our bread and butter.

Muratore Brokers
Muratore & Associates | Leader in Georgia liquor store sales

Muratore & Associates provides sell-side and buy-side advisory services for liquor store transactions. We deal exclusively with liquor businesses in Georgia and have earned a strong, results-driven reputation within the industry. We are the leader in Georgia liquor store sales

Food Writing

Shared Plates
Unintended Consequences - Shared Plates, Atlanta | Shared Plates

I'm looking at two jars filled with dirt. The first jar contains soil that looks like dried, cracked red clay. It reminds me of summertime corn and soybean fields in my hometown in Indiana, fields of straight-line crops laced with dry, exposed dirt.

White Oak Pastures Blog
Animal Impact: Cattle Grazing Grows Roots

If White Oak Pastures is known for cattle, it's because cattle are our star grazers. Ruminants can cover a lot of ground, and they are the powerhouses behind our managed grazing practices. So how do we use the animal impact of cattle in our holistic land management strategy?

Shared Plates
Pigs, and Weathering the Storm | Shared Plates

"Well, just look at a pig's face," instructs Kylan Hoover, swine manager at White Oak Pastures. We're standing next to the fence lining the border forest, watching the herd of pigs that had come running over at Kylan's confident approach. He's got one foot propped up on the fence, his hands gesturing toward the pigs crowding around.

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