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How To Improve Your Mood In One Minute
Moods are fickle things. You can be going about your day in a happy, productive, and calm manner, and boom - everything changes. And sometimes it can be hard to get out of a bad...
Video: How To Take A Mindful Break At Work
Client: Aetna
The Real-Life Tradition Behind "The Night Before"
Client: Sony "The Night Before"
10 Words To Know Before Watching "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
Client: Netflix
Environmental Costs Effects Of Bottled Water
Client: Bobble/Seventh Generation
Will You Ever Be Famous?
Client: VH1
Does Calling Women "Girls" Make You A Bad Feminist?
Client: CBS "Supergirl"
Is This The Best Job In Television?
Client: Microsoft App Store


Is Meditation The Best Thing For Your Anxiety?
I did not want to go to meditation class. I was dreading it. The decision to go was one I made in the final days of 2014 - but on the first Sunday of January, I really didn't...
Is The Single-Girl Sitcom On Its Way Out?
Murphy Brown lied to them.
Why Is Plus-Size Vintage So Hard to Find?
It's Vintage Week at Yahoo Style! In honor of our favorite environmentally friendly way to make sure you're never wearing the same outfit as anyone else, we're bringing you...
Meet 4 Women Proudly Breaking the Skinny French Girl Stereotype
We're told there's no woman like the French woman. The French woman is chic. The French woman is understated. And, above all, the French woman is effortless. But what happens...
What It's Really Like To Talk To Dead People
Funerals are the worst.
Who Was Maya Angelou, Really?
All the truth, all the time.
Will This Book Be The Next Big Read?
The author won't have to sell her books on the subway.
Is Nostalgia Holding Us Back From...The Future?
Where are our jet-packs?

TV & Movies

Why Megan Draper Won't Be Murdered On Mad Men Tonight
It's not that kind of show.
The Orange Is The New Black Refresher: What You Need To Remember
It may be like a nightmare boarding school, but it's our nightmare boarding school.
30 Lies Film Tells Us About School
They lied to us.
Six Feet Under: The Black Dramedy With All The Feelings
And the best dream scenes.
Enlightened: A Show That Tells The Whole Truth
What are whistleblowers, martyrs, and saints actually like? Could it be this?
An Ode To Pete Campbell
Most of all, I love it when he wears leisurewear.

Celebrity News

Are Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin Consciously Recoupling?
No, but let us compare their relationship to a gluten-free scone.
Chris Pratt's Very First Headshot
It says "the '90s aren't over yet."
Desiree Akhavan Talks Lena Dunham, Appropriate Behavior, & Her All-Time Crush
A red carpet interview that went well.
Susan Sarandon & David Bowie Did It In The '80s
Once upon a time in a land called 1983, Susan Sarandon and David Bowie were a thing.

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