Colleen Abel

Writer, Editor, Teacher

I love books. I love everything about books. (Except moving the 1,000 boxes they take up every time I change addresses.)

As a writer, I have both written books (HOUSEWIFERY, dancing girl press, 2013) and written about books and literature for places like Ploughshares and Gently Read Literature.

As an editor, I have worked at weekly newspapers, national literary magazines (cream city review) and other publications.

As a teacher, I have taught writing and literature everywhere from the University of Wisconsin to Warren Wilson College, with a lot of stops in between.

In my spare time? I read, of course.

United States of America



What Does It Mean When We Label Women & Artists as 'Quirky'?

Among my papers, found while cleaning today: a note on my work from a writer friend. The note was dated nearly ten years ago. My friend and I exchanged manuscripts after grad...


"Musings on Motherhood are Not Enough": On the Perils and Joys of Parenting Poetry

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Mr. and Mrs. Doctor

Mr. and Mrs. Doctor , by Julie Iromuanya. Coffee House Press, 2015. $17, 292 pages. In the Bible, God tests the faith of Job by taking away his servants, slaughtering his...


[REVIEW] Loose Strife, by Quan Barry - [PANK]

University of Pittsburgh Press 65 pages, $15.95 Review by Colleen Abel Quan Barry is having a good year. Her debut novel She Weeps Each Time You're Born came out to strong...

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To Live In Autumn

To paraphrase William Carlos Williams, it is difficult to get the news from poems, but people die miserably every day from a lack of what is found there. Zeina Hashem Beck's...

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