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I transform complicated topics into easily digestible snippets and stories that people actually want to read.

The Berlin Literary Review
Alex Clarke Light Pollution

The boxes have been half full for weeks. It'll only take a few more hours to fold up the last pieces of clothing and wrap my dusty tchotchkes in scarves, but the moving company isn't coming until Monday. For now, I'm kneading my grimy feet into a cheap IKEA bedspread, holding...

The Sunlight Press - A Literary Journal for New and Established Voices
Rabbit Hole by Kate Brody - The Sunlight Press

Forget seances and mediums - it's through the dark corners of the Internet that we seek to connect with the dead.

DI - Vacation Planner
The Indigenous Peoples of Canada

Each group of Indigenous Peoples in Canada have their own rich and vibrant culture, largely influenced by the environment in which they traditionally lived.

Smashing the Echo Chamber: Flip the Script to (Finally) Flip Voters

In 2017, a special runoff election was held in Georgia's 6th district to replace the seat left vacant by Tom Price. Although the Atlanta suburb is an affluent, mostly white Republican stronghold, Trump only won by one percentage point over Clinton in 2016 (Romney and McCain took the district with 68% and 62% respectively).

Help Center - Support - ResearchGate

ResearchGate is a professional network where scientists and researchers can share and access scientific output, knowledge, and expertise. This is their help center, written by me.
How New Zealand changed their voting system

Like Canada, New Zealand's FPTP electoral system stemmed from its British colonial legacy Kiwis were frustrated with their two major parties, so in 1993 they voted to change their electoral system from first-past-the-post to mixed member proportional Under MMP, voters cast two ballots: one for a local candidate, and one

Why good goes after bad: The sunk cost fallacy

How many people do you know who are stuck? In their jobs, in their relationships, in their houses or towns or professions or life choices? How did they end up there? One way or another, they have all made decisions - actively or passively - that have lead them down a path they're not 100% happy with, and they're afraid it's too late to turn back.

Google's Project Loon: Creepy, Crazy, or Crazy Cool?

We might lament our lack of choices of high-speed internet providers, or how our wifi sometimes doesn't work in the bedroom. But we have the luxury of complaining - we're among a lucky third of the world's population that even has internet access.

If you're going to do it, do it right

There's a saying in German: "Wenn schon, dann richtig". Loosely translated, it means that if you're going to do something, do it right. Nowhere is this more apparent than in motherhood. It's a big deal in Germany.

European Identities in Crisis

A unique problem accompanies the arrival and constant development of the sui generis European Union: how can the people who live within its ever-changing borders identify with something so unprecedented, so changeable, and so complex?