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Claire Kerr

Business-to business copywriter

Location icon United Kingdom

I'm a copywriter and content marketer who writes engaging content for businesses, mainly in the technology sector.

My 30 years' experience enables me to undertake a diverse range of copywriting, but I specialise in: blog posts, case studies, white papers and press releases.


Blog posts

Working from Home in the Current Climate | NetSuite ERP | NoBlue

Whether we're in education, working from home, in a bricks and mortar outlet or acting as frontline staff, there are some great opportunities - and modern tools - that can assist us during these uncertain times. While schools and colleges are closed, there are so many fantastic online learning tools for all ages and levels of education.

Balloon One
6 Wholesale Distribution Trends for 2019 | Balloon One

What does 2019 have in store for companies involved in wholesale and distribution? Last year, we predicted that the focal points of distribution trends for 2018 would be technology and customer-centricity. We foresaw an increase in the use of warehouse robotics and automation.

Breathehr (ghost written)
Five cool examples of harmonious work-life balance in action

Despite us having adopted working time regulations, there still seems to be an accepted culture of working long hours in the UK. It's not helped by the uptake of technology that gives us immediate and constant access to our work life.

Why Choose Best-of-Breed Financial Management Software Over ERP

Only the smallest companies can rely on spreadsheets or basic financial packages for their business accounting. The natural step beyond that is to implement some more sophisticated and powerful accounting software. The dilemma facing many SMEs is how do they choose between the options. Do they go for a fully-featured ERP or best-of-breed Financial Management Software?

Case studies

Fulcrum Care
Eastcotts Nursing Home, Suffolk | Fulcrum Care

Eastcotts was inspected by the CQC in early April 2019. During the CQC feedback session after the inspection, the provider, Indra Rajeevan - known as Raj - realised that the home was failing in terms of compliance and so was not in a good position. He immediately engaged Fulcrum.

White papers

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