Christina Lyon

Freelance Copy Writer, Blogger, and Editor

United States

I'm an LA based writer and blogger who specializes in high-quality SEO writing, copywriting, editing, and blogging. I'll bring your vision to life with engaging and authentic copy.

Jewelry Auctioned
Rose Gold vs Yellow Gold - The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

If you've followed style trends, you've likely noticed the fashion phenomenon known as rose gold. Since rose gold emerged as a stylish force in the jewelry world, an upheaval has sprouted and intersected into different markets selling rose gold everything. From rose gold engagement rings to keychains to watches to tech accessories, rose gold is the new "it" fashion trend.

The Forge Venue
Copywriting and Web Design

I designed this website on Wordpress and wrote all the copy including descriptions, forms, about, captions, blurbs and more.

Robert Youngs Acupuncture Blog
Stay Healthy this Fall with Herbal Formulas

Trying to function with blocked sinuses is frustrating to say the least. Inflammation from infections or allergies swells up and blocks drainage channels and resulting symptoms like headaches, pressure in the face, and thick mucus can cause difficulty breathing.