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Peacepace Initiative
On Peace: Management of Crises in Formal Organizations - Peacepace Initiative

Amb. Christiana Jolaoso Ed. 162/ 24.03.2021 Organizations face different issues, ranging from the dwindling of operational responses to project falters, stakeholder confusion, anger and negative vibes. Team members disagree on strategy deployment, and malfunctioning machines slow down production while communication channels break down. Every growing organization has a down-time, and a competitor might just poach ...

How to Develop the Culture of Kindness in the Workplace

An organization is different not only by its services but ethics, beliefs, and culture. An organization's culture is the core of its business and the determinant of its success. This set of beliefs, values, traditions, and ethics are what we'll call work culture.

What if No One Likes Me?

Everyone loves when the next person likes them. Who wouldn't like the feeling that comes with others accepting them? I love it, too! And why is that? I am human, and so would love anyone to talk about me nicely. Oh! Have you seen that lady? She's so sweet.

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