Dr Christopher Kissane

Historian at the LSE, BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker, Writer & Reviewer

United Kingdom

The Irish Times
Review: Unapproved Routes: Histories of the Irish Border, 1922-72

As Brexit threatens the reimposition of a "hard" border across this island, it is a good time to look back at the effects such a border once had. From closed roads to cockfights, fishing disputes to smugglers, Peter Leary offers a fascinating insight into how people and communities "negotiated" the line that disrupted their lives in 1922 and continued to define them for decades after.

New Generation Thinker Interview

Christopher Kissane, in our latest New Generation Thinkers interview, reflects on innovative ways to engage new audiences and shows that food is more than just for eating. Christopher is a historian working on the role of food in history.

The Irish Times
It'll take more than tax breaks and hashtags to bring emigrants home

Since Mary Robinson raised it to our emotive national consciousness in 1995, we use the word "diaspora" when we talk about the Irish abroad. In Dingle last week for the "Ireland's Edge" conference at Other Voices, it struck me that we have no Irish word for diaspora, except the disappointingly transliterated "diaspóra".

The Guardian
Review: The Holy Roman Empire

The empire at the heart of Europe for nearly a thousand years was much like the EU, with its Byzantine complexity, a reliance on fudge, inequalities and multiple identities – but it worked.

The Irish Times
Why would young emigrants come back to Ireland?

As Irish politics returns to its boom-era totems of lower taxes and higher spending, the Taoiseach has recently commented said that emigrants had been slow to return as they were worried they would be "screwed" on their taxes.

The Irish Times
Opinion: Emigrants who want to return home don't register in the election

With hundreds of thousands of people having left the country since the last election, and recent OECD figures showing that one-in-six Irish people now lives outside of Ireland, one would expect emigration to figure heavily in the political parties' policy proposals for the current campaign.

Returning Irish Emigrants

Discussion of the proposed tax breaks for returning Irish emigrants with George Hook on Newstalk.