Chloe Papas

Writer, Copywriter and Journalist

Location icon Australia

I am a freelance journalist, writer and copywriter based in Victoria.

I have worked for major organisations like ABC, The Guardian and Fairfax Media in my capacity as a journalist.

As a copywriter I work with companies, agencies and independent clients to convey their brand, product or message to target audiences in an effective and personable way. I enjoy being involved in every step of the process: from the initial consultation, to crafting a brand message, to creating copy and advising on marketing techniques.

I have experience writing web content, technical copy, e-newsletters, SEO-focused content, brochures, annual reports, blog posts, and other bits and pieces for large and small businesses and clients. I have the ability to get to the heart of a product or message and ensure audiences are informed through crisp, accessible copy.

Melbourne Warehouse Sales
Melbourne's Best Sales

I currently work with Melbourne Warehouse Sales on content management, social media management, and e-newsletter production.

Raquel Holgado Fitness
Raquel Holgado Personal Trainer & Coach

I worked closely with Raquel to create personable, concise copy for her website and advised her on ongoing social media and marketing techniques.

Be Media
Be Media: Digital Marketing Perth

I have been working with Be Media since 2015, taking on freelance copywriting contracts and assisting with their web content production.

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