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Snow or Sunshine, Detroit Does Sunday Funday Right |

What are the ingredients for a perfect Sunday Funday? Is it hinged on finding a brunch spot with the fluffiest scrambled eggs and perfectly tangy mimosas? Does it include live music , a bike ride around Belle Isle and retail therapy at some of the city's chic boutiques and resale shops?

Beyond the Card: Fight Like A Girl | MIBluesPerspectives

When I got the call two years ago, I knew in my heart that this time, it was going to be different. After years of check-ups, mammograms, biopsies and ultrasounds, I was used to my doctor calling to give me the results of my tests.

Beyond the Card: Man of the Year | MIBluesPerspectives

For someone who was recently named "Man of the Year" by the Michigan Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and raised $30,000 toward finding a cure, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan IT Director Dave Doney remains incredibly grounded. "I want to tell people that this isn't about me," he says.

How Was It Detroit?
Concert Review: Chance the Rapper at Fox Theatre

For anyone but Chance the Rapper, a concert full of animatronic animals (a wise, talking lion; a gospel choir of birds) and a piano duet accompanied by a life-size stuffed animal would have failed to work. Arguably, Chance is leading hip-hop's charge into the future, so populating his stage with characters that could spring from the pages of your favorite childhood fairytale seemed inevitable.

Detroit News
EAA chairwoman: Schools key to city's rebirth

With the resurgence of Detroit shocking those outside the city limits, those within are adjusting to a renewed sense of hope - we are hopeful for a comeback, hopeful for a rise from nationwide criticism and driving the hope of retaining the newest generation of Detroiters. What does this hope ride on?

A Healthier Michigan
4 Michigan Foodie Instagrams to Follow Today

As Michiganders, we're lucky to be able to call our state a food-lovers paradise. Since Michigan is full of delicious berries, farm-to-table meats and lots of fresh, seasonal veggies, it's easy to get a little taste of everything! Michigan foodies aren't just eating all of that delicious food-they're also posting about it on Instagram.

How Was It Detroit
We went to El Club to see Japanese Breakfast and they were delicious

Why did I choose to see Japanese Breakfast at El Club in Detroit? A. The band name made me hungry. B. Girl lead singer and a big yes to girl power, baby. C. All of the above. (My choice was C, obviously.) Seeing Japanese Breakfast play live was a magical treat.

Model D
Matrix Theatre students create stage art around Detroit experiences

For several years, Detroit Public Schools (DPS) has been working to keep arts education programs afloat amidst statewide budget cuts. In our Partners in Arts series, Model D and InspirED Michigan are exploring how partnerships with nonprofits throughout Detroit are ensuring DPS students have access to the arts and are experiencing the impact of music, dance, theater and more in their lives.

Capital Gains
Are year-round schools in Michigan's future?

Spurred on by $2 million in Michigan Department of Education of grant funding and additional dollars from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, seven districts around the state are piloting a transition to a year-round school calendar during the 2014-2015 school year.

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