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Passionate about the intersections between film, technology, and human relationships.

try and watch this "at your own risk"

Looking for a thrill this Halloween weekend? Here's something to watch (out for): At Your Own Risk. Read more below from this film review written by Syracuse film studies graduate, Cher Joy (cheracuse). "Our entire job is about exploiting people." In a film that could easily be part of the Black Mirror universe, At Your Own Risk...

vanessa hudgens is a #twinning royal this holiday szn

When High School Musical 2 first came out, I vividly remember the moment I found out that Vanessa Hudgens was half-Filipino and ran up to my mother, almost beaming. It was the first moment I saw someone who looked exactly like me in popular American culture.

Film Inquiry
SEOUL SEARCHING: A Love Letter To John Hughes | Film Inquiry

Growing up as a first generation Asian American, I looked to television and cinema for hints to "fit in" with all the other Americans, to improve my grammar and English, to embrace the idea of being American. In that transition, I severed some of my Filipino roots.