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BDSM Pro 'Orpheus Black' Breaks Down Who's Kinky Enough to Roll With This Fetish

E veryone wants to have mind-blowing sex. We even rate partners on their sexual performance on a regular basis. But here's the issue: Most folks don't tell their significant...

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How I Mastered Having a FWB (Friend With Benefits)

M y favorite, longest running, and likely my best, relationship to date is what many would call a situationship, but for me, it's the classic "friend with benefits" (FWB) setup....

Cassius | born unapologetic | News, Style, Culture

8 Facts You Definitely Want to Know About HPV From Someone Who Has It

I t was my junior year in college. I hadn't had my "hoe phase" yet, but I was definitely sexually active. During my winter break, I received a letter from my gynecologist. I was...


This Is What All Black Female Entrepreneurs Need To Know About Maternal Health

Black women experience the highest infant mortality rates among any racial or ethnic group in the United States, according to a recent segment on CBS. This is a direct result of...

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Did That: 'I Had Extra-Freaky, Mind-Blowing Sex With A BDSM Dom And Hit Up A Kink Party'

I love sex. The sound, the look, the feel and the submission of the act. Learning about the possibilities of BDSM (Bondage, discipline (or domination), sadism, and masochism (as...


The New York Times Celebrates The Life Of Overlooked Women In History

"Obituary writing is more about life than death: the last word, a testament to a human contribution" - Amisha "Amy" Padnani and Jessica Bennett Overlooked is a ground-breaking...

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7 First Date Questions That Guarantee You Won't Have a Boring Night

M aking conversation on the first date is hard. I get it. But there's one question I despise- yes, more than lingering silence- when I'm sitting across a bar, table, or even...