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I am a storyteller, profiler, copywriter, greeting card writer...I am the "unboxed" writer.

Take the "A" Train Is Coming to the Webster Groves Concert Hall April 13

Three-time Emmy Award Winning Storyteller-Bobby Norfolk, Daughter of Jack Buck-Vocalist Beverly Brennan, and UMSL Chancellor and Pianist-Tom George Performing ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, USA, March 25, 2018 / -- Take the "A" Train, named for the train to Harlem from New York City and known as the signature tune of Duke Ellington's orchestra, is a musical cabaret of comedy, storytelling and poetry taking place Friday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m.


Our Town - A Community News Publication
Ice is Nice

In 2019 the City of Maryland Heights will be the home of a new $68 million multi-purpose ice sports complex with four ice sheets.

Faithfully Magazine
Black Students at Fuller Launch #SeminaryWhileBlack Protest

Black students at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, launched a social media protest to address what they considered as toxicity within the seminary. Using the hashtags #SeminaryWhileBlack, #ToxicFuller, and #BlackExodus to spread awareness, the protest took on public form on June 7 at Fuller's Baccalaureate service.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Connecting Our Trails

Emma Klues, VP of Communications and Outreach shared that many expressed the interest in accessing the Katy Trail as well as other areas between Creve Coeur Park and the Maryland Heights Community Center. June 14, 2018 marked the official opening of the $6.1 million 2.2-mile extension.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
ImageNet Consulting Provides Business Solutions in Olivette

ImageNet Consulting located at 1228 Dielman Industrial Court in Olivette, offers a wide range of solutions for the management of business processes. With 20 branches across the country, the Olivette location is staffed by a team of 17 people.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Aquaport: 20 Years of Summer Fun

Maryland Height’s Aquaport is celebrating its 20th year of operation this year. The 4.5 acres outdoor waterpark, located at 2344 McKelvey Road, is inviting everyone to join them in celebration on Thursday, June 21 from 11 am - 7 pm. In honor of the park’s opening in 1998, admission prices are being lowered to $1.98 all day long for everyone.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Happy Campers

The City of Olivette has 16 different summer camps to keep the children of its residents and non-residents energized and stimulated this summer. Olivette has been hosting summer camps for approximately 20 years.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
The New Kick In Town

In February 2018, Creve Coeur became the home of one of the largest turf soccer facilities in the country located at 2350 Creve Coeur Mill Road. The Creve Coeur Park Soccer Complex, constructed by the Paric Corporation in collaboration for its design with St. Louis County Parks, broke ground in April 2017. The Real STL Club was the first to hold its soccer tournament at the complex the beginning of March 2018.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Curling: St. Louis Style

For the past two seasons people have been flocking to the Creve Coeur Ice Arena solely for one purpose, and it’s not for hockey or skating. The St. Louis Curling Club has been making quite a splash at the arena, located at 11400 Olde Cabin Road, with a sport that has been drawing Olympic followers.

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Remembering The Past Guarding The Future

“After all the things that happened in Ferguson…after the [verdict] decision was made it was really serendipity that the day the Ferguson School District went back to school they were scheduled for a tour here,” Cavender shared. “It wasn’t lost on us and it wasn’t lost on them; we talked a lot about it. That was probably a profound day for them after coming off the heels of what had happened in their own community. The Change Begins with Me exhibition is about bringing contemporary issues...

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Creve Coeur 2030

One initiative of the plan that is intended to keep all stakeholders, including Creve Coeur citizens, engaged is the ongoing outcome reporting and management system to track the progress of each project. Director of Community Development, Jason Jaggi, who also heads the P&Z division, stressed that the system be available on the website via the Comprehensive Plan page. It will list the initiatives based on the recommendations of the plan and be maintained to provide update...

Our Town - A Community News Publication
Giving Back

There are many ways that families can celebrate the Christmas season together. One of those ways is by serving others as a family. Below are just some suggestions on ways to spend time together while making a difference this season.

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
On a Mission: Attacking Education Barriers

Mr. Massey is working with many individuals in the community to structure his school. From having an expert who will train his teachers in meditation techniques to assist students with focus, to partnering with local and nationally recognized artists in various genres (graphics, design, dance, etc.) for elective classes.

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
A Pathway Between the Arts and Education with Dr. Roderick Nunn

“The more we can connect industry to our students in both formal and informal ways, several good things happen. One: Students get to see their future. They get to see what’s possible, particularly, if you involve African American professionals in the process. They get to see people that look like them and connect with their stories. That’s on a personal level so education becomes relevant. I understand why I [must] do well in English…math and why critical thinking is important in the...

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
Mt. Sinai - Leading the Way With Community Development

“It gives them an opportunity for the American dream to own housing at some point. We [must] keep them rental for 15 years, that's the compliance period, but at any point after three years you can sign an option on them and say I want to buy my house. For every year that you rent you get $1,000 credit.”

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
Walking In Destiny by Design

It appears that the artisan behind Liza B, the handmade handbag collection, was born to be an East St. Louis ambassador. Sitting in the rooftop clubroom of the downtown St. Louis apartment building where he owns a work studio, Everett E. Johnson spoke of his encounters with Californians and New Yorkers. “Everywhere I go people ask where I’m from…. I’m so proud to say that I’m from East St. Louis, Illinois. I put emphasis on EAST St. Louis, Illinois. I love it… There’s something unique about...

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
An "Act" of Service: Never An Act for Roderick Brown

A resident’s basement backed up on a Friday due to the facility’s pump not working. “I called my supervisor and was told that we would get things up and running on Monday, which meant she [resident] would have to wait until after the weekend. So I called the supervisor and he didn’t want to pay me overtime but I told him that I live with these people…. I am going to go and address this problem and get it fixed because probably everybody in that block will be backing up.” Roderick not only...

I AM EAST ST. LOUIS - The Magazine
The Road to Success: Always Under Construction

He has been a recipient of Who’s Who in Black St. Louis as a top minority contractor. His construction business has been recognized for its impeccable work for the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge by Massmann Construction Company of Kansas City, MO. Edwards-Kamadulski, Kevin’s construction business, was awarded a contract by Massman, the four-generation family owned business, for the project. Certified in 13 states and bringing in approximately $40 million in the last six years, it’s no...

News Stories

Community News - St. Louis County
Looking for Humans

“We include very genuine stories from conversations that are organically happening from us randomly approaching strangers,” stated Drew. “[We thought] ‘maybe there is a need here in St. Louis to have a platform where people can see each other a little bit more and talk to each other.’ That’s how [this] happened.

Community News - St. Louis County
Improving Local Parks

With the help of an anonymous $10,000 donation and in collaboration with the St. Louis County Parks Department, as of early June 2018, the neighborhood park now enjoys a new splash pad.

Community News - St. Louis County
Caring for Caregivers

There are conferences for just about every trade you can imagine; even ‘working women’ have their own expo. However, for many it is unheard of to have a conference for those who assist with or provide care to an aging or ill person, whether by profession or simply for a loved one, until last year. For the second year the Caregivers Conference in St. Louis will take place August 28 at the Paul F. Detrick Building Atrium on the grounds of Christian Hospital located at 11133 Dunn Rd.

Community News - St. Louis County
Big Screen St. Louis

Screening will include 107 films. Among those 107 will be a documentary feature for "The Best of Us: 100 Seasons of Muny Magic."

Community News - St. Louis County
Reimaging the Arch

The museum changes are part of the overall City Arch River project. Tom Nagel, Communications Manager for Gateway Arch Park Foundation (formerly City Arch River Foundation), shared that the project was a collaboration with National Park Service, Great Rivers Greenway, Bi-State Development, Jefferson National Parks Association, and Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT). The project’s overall cost was $380 million.

Community News - St. Louis County
The Rockets' Red Glare

The celebration’s main attraction is its fireworks display. It has been stated that this year the presentation will combine brilliant shells, color sequencing, dimensional frontage, and low and high level aerial combinations.

Community News - St. Louis County
Fighting Summer Hunger

A non-profit hunger relief organization, Operation Food Search (OFS), is currently providing a remedy to both the shortage of food for children and lack of some activities. On June 4, 2018, OFS and area partners launched the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). SFSP is funded by the USDA and feeds children 18 years of age and younger. The program runs until Saturday, August 11.

Community News - St. Louis County
Bringing Ninjas to Hazelwood

The American Ninja Warrior show was one of the main inspirations behind the creation of the Hazelwood Ninja Obstacle course in Howdershell Park. Howdershell Park is located at 6701 Howdershell Road in Hazelwood, Missouri.

Community News - St. Louis County
Honoring 'Women of Achievement'

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis serves as a celebratory luncheon location every year to honor the achievements of women around St. Louis. These women are known as Women of Achievement. This year the organization honored and welcomed 10 new women on May 15 at its annual luncheon.

Community News - St. Louis County
Beyond the Garage

This is the season for seeing an increase in garage sales with signs and flying balloons to point the way for traffic or a passerby. However, there might be few garage sales, if any, that are fondly thought to be seen from outer space. For the 13th year St. Rose Philippine Duchesne in Florissant will be hosting its annual garage sale with a purpose.

Community News - St. Louis County
Reaching Out To Veterans

Kaufman states, “I have two goals. I want to raise as much money as I can and give it all away. My second goal is—I want to become the United Way for all these [veteran] organizations.”

Community News - St. Louis County
The Nighttime Is The Right Time

Five-time winner of Big River Running’s Best Neighborhood Support Award, The Ferguson Twilight Run, will have its 9th annual event on Saturday, May 19 starting at 4:30 pm. Big Papa G will kick off the event with entertainment.

Community News - St. Louis County
Litte Chef, Big Dreams

DeEsten Lewis, fondly given the name Little Chef DJ by his mother, Tiarra Lewis has caught the attention of many in the community including the Healthy Schools Healthy Communities {HSHC) initiative. “This is our second year working with the YMCA for the Healthy Schools Healthy Communities event,” shared Tiarra. “We go to [various] schools [providing] healthy cooking demonstrations.” HSHC is an initiative of the Missouri Foundation for Health which engages community organizations to form...

Community News - St. Louis County
Setting the Stage

People who have attended any of the Black Rep’s productions have witnessed the diversity of the theatre company’s audiences. “The Black Rep undoubtedly has the most diverse audience of any of the performing arts in this region [regarding] ethnicity and age,” shared Himes.

Community News - St. Louis County
Blazing a New Trail

This summer, residents in the surrounding areas of Spanish Lake Park will have the enjoyment of a new 1.4-mile Family Trail worth $125,000. The trail, which will engage children with play opportunities and adults with exercise equipment, is the brain child of the St. Louis County Parks Foundation (SLCPF).

Community News - St. Louis County
The Power of a Book

It has been stated that one of the primary reasons for a high dropout rate among African Americans during their college freshman year is due to the astronomical cost of text books on top of tuition costs. Dr. Rebakkah Johnson, pharmacist, decided to impact this outcome for future high school graduates the year she received her doctorate degree in 2016.

Community News - St. Louis County
Half a Century of Service

Superintendent for Florissant’s Parks Division punches time clock for the last time after 50 years of working for the city.

Community News - St. Louis County
Looking for the Lost

One of the ongoing missions that surfaced is the St. Louis Search and Rescue Team. Lakresha “Lala” Moore of North County started the mission because she desired to do more to help further the efforts of the Berkeley Police Department.

Community News - St. Louis County
Greening North St. Louis County

Great Rivers Greenway has begun another project to help improve the quality of life for communities in St. Louis. Construction for Maline Greenway in North St. Louis County began March 13. When Maline is completed it will cover seven miles.

Community News - St. Louis County
Getting Everyone in the Game

It’s not uncommon for most grade school and high school children to be involved in some form of extracurricular activity outside the classroom. Sports is a major area of involvement for youth. However, many parents cannot afford the various costs

Community News - St. Louis County
Suits for Soldiers

It can take a lot of adjustment for both active military and veterans to become fully acclimated back into civil society. That is why for the second year the Greg Mans Farmers Insurance Agency is partnering with American Legion – Post 397 and H.E.R.O.E.S. Care for their 500 Suits for 500 Soldiers campaign.

Community News - St. Louis County
Finding Renewal in Florissant

St. Louis is rich in history as is its towns. However, a lot of the city’s treasures are tucked away in areas where many of its residents are unaware. One such treasure is found in Florissant close to Old Jamestown – Pallottine Renewal Center. This retreat space sits on an 85-acre tract of land at 15270 Old Halls Ferry Road.

Community News - St. Louis County
A Focus on Crime Prevention

The city of Florissant continues to see a yearly decline in reported crime as its law enforcement seeks ways to involve citizens. In addition to having the city’s Neighborhood Watch Program, late summer 2017 the police department began development of the Resident Camera Program.

Community News - St. Louis County
An Entertaining Educator

St. Louis is rich with talent, especially in the arts. Among this talent is St. Louis native and winner of three regional Emmy awards – Bobby Norfolk. Norfolk, who was once compared to “a skinny Bill Cosby or a clean Richard Pryor,” performs locally, nationally, and internationally.

Community News - St. Louis County
Growing In the Saddle

Many North County residents are unaware that for 33 years 20 acres of rolling hills have set at 15350 Old Jamestown Road in Florissant to provide horseback riding lessons. These therapeutic and recreational lessons provided by Jamestown New Horizons (JNH) are for children with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities.

Community News - St. Louis County
Miles of Smiles

While many of us take going to the dentist for granted, for some families in our region, it is a luxury they cannot afford. Enter Give Kids A Smile. “We’ve had situations where parents have lost their jobs,” shared Erica Steen. Steen, the Executive Director for the Give Kids a Smile organization provided scenarios they might encounter with parents experiencing financial difficulties.

Community News - St. Louis County
Normandy Bounces Back

Pearson shared that there has been both favorable and unfavorable parental responses to the transition back to Normandy. Some have stated that they are happy with their child’s return and trust NSC with their child while other parents have voiced that the Collaborative should continue to pay transportation costs for children to continue at Francis Howell. Francis Howell, in St. Charles County, is one of the schools not requiring children to return currently. There have also been parents who...

Community News - St. Louis County
Art Hidden In Plain Sight

Among her clients has been Bi-State Development Agency - Metro Bus and Transit System, MODOT, The Salvation Army, Mathews-Dickey Boys & Girls Club, and Better Family Life—just to name a few.

Community News - St. Louis County
Cameras Rolling In North County

With the production of The Lou underway, casting calls continue for 35MultiMedia in lining up talent for the series—Best Authentic Real Stories (BARS) which started filming 11/26/17. Turner stated, “We filmed the children’s scene [which] started from the year 1995… We’re shooting the first adult scene on January 11…showing them grown up. [The series] is about the battle rap culture taking [viewers] into [a look at] the culture that [many] people don’t know exists

Community News - St. Louis County
There Is Room at the Inn

To most St. Louis citizens, Room at the Inn has been a secret since its early stages in December 1988 and Development Manager, Troy Miles wants to change that in the coming year. Room at the Inn, located at 3415 Bridgeland Drive in Bridgeton, is a temporary, emergency shelter for homeless women and families...

Community News - St. Louis County
Working Towards Better Policing

“We’re trying to [ensure] through the best practices agreement that all citizens are going to receive a level of service that is a model of consistency and professionalism. We’ve been through a tough three-year stretch in law enforcement in this area. I think you can say it’s been tough across the country. We can’t continue to sustain demonstrations week in, week out, one month to the next... We’re trying to make sure there is a strong level of trust between law enforcement and the citizens...

Community News - St. Louis County
Jumping for Better Health

The Double Dutch Showcase event was birthed out of the Healthy Schools Healthy Communities (HSHC) initiative, of which BJC is one of it’s facilitators. The HSHC initiative facilitated a community healthy living index—an assessment—in each of its participating communities in St. Louis city. The assessment revealed desires to have more opportunity for physical activity and something that would involve all ages. As a result, an action plan was developed that also incorporated a city-wide event.

Community News - St. Louis County
Dr. January's Warm Heart

Dr. Eboni January, Obstetrician Gynecologist (OBGYN) at Betty Jean Kerr People’s Health Centers (PHC), was one of 30 North County St. Louis leaders honored on October 31, 2017 by North County Incorporated (NCI). The regional development association’s honoring was to recognize their annual “30 Leaders in Their Thirties Leadership” awardees for the impact they have made in their careers and community in North County.

Community News - St. Louis County
A Boost for Parks

The grant funds for St. Louis County’s recreation and parks are generated by voter approval of Proposition C in the year 2000 and Proposition P in 2013, both which allow a percentage of sales taxes to be allocated for needed improvements. The Commission was created in 2000 to administer these generated funds.

Community News - St. Louis County
Bridging The Gap

C.A.S.A. is geared towards students who have various needs not limited to needing to recover class credits, having problems with school phobias, needing a smaller class setting due to anxiety, or needing one-on-one assistance.

Community News - St. Louis County
Sharing The Feast

The vision for this yearly dinner was birthed in 1999 by parishioner Pat von Nida of St. Ferdinand, following Pope John Paul II’s visit to St. Louis. She was inspired by the Pope’s focus on interfaith and ecumenical relations to do an ecumenical dinner...

Community News - St. Louis County
Bridging Divides With Art

“It was…refreshing to at least have some positivity between the community members and the police. I was on board with doing [the artwork] because I don't really like seeing all the negativity and people not trusting the police….”

Community News - St. Louis County
Pop-Up Market Gives Commuters A Glimpse

Last year, CMT, AARP and community stakeholders completed walk audits of three key MetroLink stations: the Delmar, Forest Park, and North Hanley. The audits resulted in some action items for short-term, long-term and policy changes.

Community News - St. Louis County
Upland Park Attorney Advocates For Children

Miller, who is also a GAL (Guardian Ad Litem), provided factors that her and some other attorneys particularly consider when a case involves a child.

Community News - St. Charles County
Wentzville Man Discovers Family Secrets

A notable house-slave of his, Sally, was inherited by Henry's 75-year-old wife. There were details in the will about the maintenance and care for Sally, who was 14 years old. When Henry Abbington died, in the household...

Community News - St. Louis County
Food Pantry On The Brink

A recent announcement by an Overland food pantry to close its doors to 600 families has caught the attention of the community. The Ritenour Co-Care Pantry, which mostly resembles the inside of a neighborhood conere store with fresh produce, meats, and other grocery items, is completely volunteer driven.

Community News - St. Louis County
Missouri Veterans Home Resident Talks War

I didn't come home with a chest full of medals for bravery, but I did come home with a chest full of pride for what I had done in saving lives.

Community News - St. Louis County
Nerdy Girlz Make Reading Cool

Few book clubs have taken off quite like the Nerdy Girlz Book Club. The club, for ages six and up, has garnered quite a bit of attention and been a part of the Annie Malone May Day Parade since its inception in January 2016.

Community News - St. Louis County
Are You Being Entertained or 'Edutained'?

Besides The Kappa House, the two productions have edutained audiences at Harris-Stowe State University, Florissant Valley Community College and Bread of Life Church. Kut-Nup is currently in negotiations with Better Family Life, Meramec and Forest Park Community Colleges and the Missouri History Museum to...

Community News - St. Louis County
Who Says St. Louis Doesn't Represent?

Micheal D. Francis, who once lived in California, is a writer, director and producer for his own production entity - "Michael D Francis Presents" - located herre in St. Louis. In addition to his own productions, he has worked on various shows--MTV's "Unlocking the Truth," "Nellyville," "America's Got Talent," "Biggest Loser," Survivor,"

Community News - St. Louis County
When The Tables Turned

While at a night club she introduced herself to a couple of DJs and complimented them on their mix set. The DJs - Jonathan Smith, today known as music producer and rapper Lil' Jon, and DJ Searcy, gave her an opportunity to show off her skills after finding that...

Community News - St. Louis County
Filmmakers in the "Lou"

North County resident, writer and director, Lacey Turner, heads his own production business. "4 Feet Off The Ground Productions came from me and my manager. It's us putting our feet together to get our company off the ground," Lacey explains regarding the name of his company.

Community News - St. Louis County
Does North County Community Collaborate?

I always found it disappointing every year that I did not know of any grassroots non-profit in St. Louis when my job asked employees to suggest one to provide monetary support...

Community News - St. Louis County
The Day I Got Rid of Wigs

In the summer of 2013 I was looking through a packet of advertisements and coupons. There was an advertisement of one or two balding women that caught my eye and made me stop...


Community News - St. Louis County
The Power of Life Assignments

What if I told you that you have a life assignemnt? I believe everyone has one, No, I'm not talking about the various ways that you may help others over the course of your life or an occupation to pay the bills. This assignment is that thing that you may deviate from to go on some other quest in life, but it never deviates from you.

Community News - St. Louis County
For The Love of Poetry

Poetry is the baseline for lyrically-sound hip hop music and many song we sing. I can't tell you how many times I've just sat and read a music insert for a CD.

Community News - St. Louis County
Life Requires Planning

The most successful businesses do not just make a plan with the idea the plan they had at the beginnning will never need revising. They realize the need to remain flexible - changing with the current of the day. Why is it that many of us do not structure our everyday lives in the same way?

Community News - St. Louis County
Will More Giants Awaken in Our Community?

I believe that if it is not the richest it is one of the richest places on earth. I believe one of the other richest places is...

St. Louis American
Reaching beyond your comfort zone

I recently was having a conversation with someone about feeling somewhat limited when it comes to my surroundings in regards to the things that are a part of who I am. This person was wise in helping me to see that I needed to reach beyond what I had grown accustomed to and what was comfortable.

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