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Charles Davis III


Location icon United States of America

As journalist ,especially in today's era, I find it important to be well versed in many areas. I happen to be well versed in photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro. With the rise in social media and it's ever gaining popularity I tend to work in any type of social media platform. Graduated from West Florida High School of Advanced Technology with a diploma in Multimedia.
I use those skills learned in all of my projects which include photography, video editing, podcasts, and more. As future broadcast journalist I find necessary to have all the skills of being on and off camera to be a proficient journalist in today's new age. I also find to be as truthful as one can be in any form of journalism I pursue. Sticking to the facts, finding new facts and bringing the truth to light is what journalism is. Well, at least is to me.


Written Stories

Lights, Cameras, ACTion!

By Charles Davis 11 One Acts 2 Nights 11 One Acts, 30 Actors, 2 Nights. Every year PSC Theatre majors get a chance to become student directors for a series of One Acts. A One Act is a series of plays with no connection and each play is 10 to about 30 minutes long.

Let them Eat Pi!

By Charles Davis III If you happen to be walking through the student center and wonder about all of the activities that were going on, they were apart of the math department's celebration of National Pi Day! National Pi Day is the celebration of the mathematical term Pi (π) which is celebrated March 14, [...]

Anita Baker Retires!

By: Charles Davis III R&B singer Anita Baker announced early January 12th that she has no plans to tour or produce a new album due to her retirement. Baker has been a staple in the R&B music industry since the early 1980's and with 24 singles and six albums under her belt, Baker is [...]

The Signpost
BassMint Pros talk new single and touring

The BassMint Pros are a local music group from Ogden that combines rock, hip-hop and everything in between. To promote their new album, which will be released on Halloween night at local bar Brewskis, they held a CD pre-release party at Graywhale in Riverdale on October 23 and gave away free merchandise.

Linguistics Matters!

On Feb. 3, teachers and students were in attendance to hear Douglas Biber, a professor in the Applied Linguistics Program at Northern Arizona University, give a presentation on linguistics. This presentation is the first of the Language Matters speaking series here at Weber State University.

Students enjoy Human Bowling and Bungee Basketball during Welcome Week

by Charles Davis Pensacola State College Welcome Week included several fun events for students, two of which were human bowling and bungee basketball. Human Bowling placed students into a big inflated ball and rolled them into life-size bowling pins. Bungee basketball consisted of two students racing each other with a bungee cord attached to them, [...]

HIV truck educates PSC students

By Charles Davis In front of the student center at Pensacola State College main campus on Thursday, Sept. 11, there was an exhibit that tells the stories of people who are living with HIV. The program the exhibit represents is called We Make The Change.

The Signpost
Eccles showcases community artists

Every Friday in October, the Eccles Community Art Center will be having a showcase to display local painters, potters and more. Local artists will be exhibiting their talents in their October showcase every Friday. The exhibits include a number of statewide competitions each year, which are open to resident Utah artists.