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Multimedia, multiplatform journalist, writer and communications professional. My passion lies in telling stories, working with words and finding the best platform to communicate information.

I write about European knowledge and technology transfer, science and technology, the Filipino community in the Netherlands, expat life, experiences while traveling, success stories, multimedia journalism and development communication.

Along with collecting and sharing information, I am also particularly interested in beautiful typography, digital tools and technology, photography, historical mysteries, cultural diversity and languages. I love to travel and to see more of the world has been a fixation since I stepped into the vast jungle called journalism.

During my free time, I bead, bake, create wordpress websites or look for a new hobby to obsess myself with. What do you do on your free time?


Online News

GMA News Online
Joma on Belmonte meet-up: 'More than just a social call'

UTRECHT, The Netherlands - Revolutionary leader Jose Maria Sison met with House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte at a Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam last July 9, and it was more than just a social call. Current top breaking Philippine headlines regarding the nation, world, metro manila, regions and exclusive special investigative reports.

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Pinay finalist in The Voice Kids credits karaoke for singing chops

ZAANDAM, The Netherlands - "There's always noise in this house," says Catherine Malabanan while preparing the music sheets for her children and husband to follow during a family rehearsal of The Lord's Prayer. She's referring to music. Catherine's daughter, Katrina Manaog, is the Filipino community's current bet in The Voice Kids Netherlands.

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12-year-old Pinay finalist for The Voice Kids wants to be a singing doctor

HILVERSUM, The Netherlands - Katrina Manaog has been singing since she was four years old. Eight years after, she's become a finalist of the third edition of The Voice Kids in the Netherlands. "The first song she sang in front of people was Aiza Seguerra's 'Pagdating ng Panahon.'

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Joma at 75: No retirement after 55 years in service

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - It was a lot like a normal Filipino birthday party. There was cake, enough food to share, the ever-popular birthday noodles, and singing of the Happy Birthday song. But what made Joma Sison's 75th birthday celebration are details that can only be experienced by a revolutionary of 55 years.

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Pinoy chef's answer to Holland's bitter cold: batchoy and ensaymada

In the Netherlands, Filipino cruise ship chef Khokoy Cabales wishes to serve the batchoy as answer to the chilly climate. The batchoy-a noodle soup made with pork meat and crackling, chicken broth, thick noodles and beef loin-will be served in the busy train stations in Holland.

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More than P1B raised in The Netherlands for Yolanda victims

ZOETERMEER, The Netherlands - They say that there are three events that connect the Dutch: football competitions, Queen's Day (soon to be King's day) and Sinterklaas. There's a fourth: charity work. According to the World Giving Index, more than 50 percent of the Dutch gladly give to charity.

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Mass-food fair held in Amsterdam for Yolanda victims

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands - Filipinos and Dutch alike joined together in Amsterdam on Sunday to pray for the souls of the thousands of victims of Typhoon Yolanda in Central Philippines and raise funds for those who survived.

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Fil-Dutch siblings sell cupcakes to help Yolanda victims

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands - At less than 10 years old, half-Filipino and half-Dutch siblings Kai and Danique De Wit already know what the victims of the most destructive typhoon in 2013 need. Danique, 7, gladly explained to GMA News in Dutch what the victims, especially the children like them, would benefit from.

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Pinoy peace prize awardee Kesz Valdez dedicates award to guardian

Kesz Valdez, the 13-year-old Filipino awardee of the International Children's Peace Prize, dedicated his award to his guardian Harnin Manalaysay, who cared for him after running away from his family due to abuse and maltreatment. "I look up to him as a father.

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Desmond Tutu praises 13-year-old Pinoy peace awardee for giving voice to street children

The Hague - No other than Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu handed the International Children's Peace Prize award to 13-year-old Filipino Kesz Valdez on Wednesday in the Hall of Knights in The Hague, The Netherlands. Kesz, a former street child who used to work in garbage dumpsites and sleep in graveyards, won the prize for bringing to light the plight of street children.

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Pinoys gather in The Netherlands to mourn slain activist Willem Geertman

Filipinos and Dutch people in The Netherlands gathered recently at the Old Catholic Church on Ruysdaelstraat in Amsterdam to remember 67-year-old Dutch national Willem Geertman, who was murdered in the Philippines on July 3. Willem's brothers wore identical white t-shirts with the words: "Katarungan para kay Kuya William."

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Pinoys in The Netherlands seek justice for Dutch activist killed in PHL

Filipino and Dutch development workers marched to the Philippine Embassy in the Hague, the Netherlands in protest of the murder of 67-year-old Dutch national Willem Geertman and formally urge the Philippine government to bring the activist's killer to justice.

GMA Network |
Fil-Dutch 'Michael Jackson' to send Pinoy street children to school

Eleven-year-old Filipino-Dutch Kim Regasa-De Blank, dubbed Holland's "Little Michael Jackson," a finalist in "Holland's Got Talent," dreams of sending to school the street children of Lucena City, Quezon in the Philippines. Kim's claim to fame was making it into the finals of "Holland's Got Talent" in 2010 where he was called by the judges as the "Mini Michael Jackson of The Netherlands."

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Pinays in The Netherlands celebrate Intl Women's Day

Filipino women gathered in Utrecht, The Netherlands on March 17 for the "Pilipina sa Holland: Ipagdiwang Natin ang Ating Kalakasan," an event celebrating International Women's Day. The event, organized by Stichting Bayanihan, aimed to shine a light on the need of Filipino women to become economically independent.

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'Exotic Love' reality show in The Netherlands angers Pinays

A heated online argument was sparked by a reality television show in The Netherlands - "ExotischeLiefde" ("Exotic Love") - which features the relationships of Dutch men and their foreign partners. The show, which first aired in The Netherlands on March 8, International Women's Day, featured the problems encountered by four couples in long-distance relationships.

Home in a paper bill

This week is the "week of the dialogue" in the Netherlands which is usually celebrated the whole month long with people from different cultures sitting around a table together talking about their experiences. I joined a table ( numerous locations around the country) and this was my experience.

Broadcast News

GMA News |
NTG: Pagkaing Pinoy na batchoy, ipapauso ng isang Pinoy chef sa The Netherlands | Video

The Hague, The Netherlands – Nothing beats the comfort of hot soup in cold weather. In the Netherlands, Filipino cruise ship chef Khokoy Cabales wishes to introduce the batchoy as answer to this chilly climate. His idea is the driving force behind the business plan that he submitted as part of the Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (LSE) programme of the Ateneo School of Government (ASG).

YouTube |
Koninginnedag 2012

Video of Queen's Day 2012 as celebrated in Vlaardingen, The Netherlands (as part of the project for the "Creating Video" course of the New York Times Knowledge Network)

Vimeo |
Empowering Filipinos Abroad

This video is a partial completion of the DEVC207 subject of the MA Development Communication study of the University of the Philippines Open University. The story...

YouTube |
Philippine Rolling Store

A story about a Filipino woman who sells Filipino products in The Netherlands with her "rolling store".

Self-produced Videos

Science Journalism

FEMS Focus
Virus on Trial

FEMS Focus addresses the H5N1 controversy unleashed when Dr. Ron Fouchier and colleagues submitted a manuscript describing aerosol transmission of the H5N1 influenza virus between birds and ferrets. Professor Hugues Tolou has more restrictive views on the potential dangers that this work poses.

FEMS Focus
Taking TB to the frontline

To enlighten us on the issue of tuberculosis (TB), FEMS interviewed Dr Mario Raviglione, Director of the Stop TB Department of the World Health Organization (WHO). The Stop TB Department helps countries implement the WHO Stop TB Strategy, which intends to “dramatically reduce the burden of TB and halve TB deaths and prevalence by 2015”. Dr Raviglione is positive that this can be achieved.

FEMS Focus
Microbes turn wild

To communicate the EHEC crisis effectively, FEMS Focus interviewed two experts on the bacterium. Dr Helge Karch is a leading German E. coli researcher who discovered what features made the bacteria responsible for the outbreak particularly pathogenic. He has been working with diarrheagenic E. coli since 1983 as part of his postdoctoral training. He is currently the Director of the Institute of Hygiene at the University Hospital Münster. Dr Miguel Vicente is a molecular biologist by...

FEMS Focus
Science and Media

Scientists are usually not popular as communicators. Most often, the communicating is left to science journalists or press relations officers. 2001 Nobel Prize awardee on Physiology or Medicine and Royal Society President Sir Paul Nurse thinks differently about this. No, he does not have time to blog or join any social medium, but he believes that scientists should communicate their work and do it effectively. This should be a part of the scientist’s responsibility, he says, and should...

FEMS Focus
The journey of man, told by bacteria

FEMS Focus interviewed National Geographic Explorer-in-residence Spencer Wells and he told use the story of man which can be discovered through bacteria.

FEMS Focus
Defining the microbial terrain

When we consult science in matters of evolution, it points to a common ancestor branching out to different organisms which eventually leads to us, man. Charles Darwin proposed this in his “Origin of the Species”, saying, “There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one”.

FEMS Focus
Q Fever, the secret epidemic?

Q fever was named as such because it was a mystery when first discovered in 1937 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. “Q” was primarily used for the word “query” but even when the bacterium that causes the disease was already determined, the name “Q fever” remained.

FEMS Focus
The Flu Pandemic, Reason to Get the Chills?

This issue of FEMS Focus will zoom in on the Pandemic Flu, caused by the H1N1 virus. To address the subject efficiently, FEMS Focus interviewed two profiled experts in the field, Prof Dr Otto Haller of the University of Freiburg and President of the European Society of Virology and Prof Dr Hans Wolf of the University of Regensburg in Germany, who are frequently consulted on H1N1 issues. Here are their professional perspectives on central questions concerning the current pandemic.

FEMS Focus
Genomics and RNomics: Taking the Code Further

Genomics. Post- genomics. Hot topics in contemporary research contributing vast amount of data and opening new avenues for science. In order to address a prime example of the role of genomics and post- genomics in contemporary science, FEMS Focus interviewed a major personality in the field – Professor Pascale Cossart. She is the head of the Bacteria-Cell Interactions Unit of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France. Read on for her views on genomics and post-genomics with emphasis on...

FEMS Focus
Systems Biology: Complexity Explained

Systems biology. A hot topic in contemporary science gaining ever-increasing attention. In order to address the role of systems biology in general and in microbiology, FEMS Focus interviewed two major personalities in the field – Professor Roel van Driel and Professor Víctor de Lorenzo. Dr. van Driel is the Director of the Netherlands Institute for Systems Biology (NISB) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and a professor of Biochemistry. Dr. De Lorenzo is the Head of the Systems & Synthetics...

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