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Winnetka Heights: A Historic Remodel

Built in 1911 in the historic district of Winnetka Heights in Dallas, this couple's American Four-Square Prairie style home has undergone some significant changes. Article and photos by Nancy Chandler

Escape to this tiny cabin in the woods

The story of Cabinscape begins with Laura and John, the inspiring couple behind the name. As professional artists, they decided use their talents to start a business that would connect people with nature.

A 21-foot window floods this shipping container home with natural light

Modern. Sustainable. Modular. That's the motto behind Honomobo, the company that designed this shipping container home called the HO3. The home is actually three shipping containers melded together to create an intimate home with an amazing view. It is comfortable without feeling confined and feels roomy without excess square footage.

This barge yacht has the ultimate water view

Saint Lawrence Barge Yachts Like to see more from Houseboats If you like a waterfront view, how about a view of the water from every room in your home? It's possible on this barge yacht. Designed by Rich Rossmassler and built by Tim Purcell, it's like a luxury loft space with its own beach club.

Come visit a French country farmhouse named Home On Fern Hill

Pamela Dyer / @homeonfernhill In this beautiful home on Fern Hill, there are several elements that always work well together, such as pillows and bedding, grey tones with soft blush, and a Labrador on a plush blanket. These details blend harmoniously to create this exquisite French country farmhouse.

This new white farmhouse is filled with historic charm

What do you do when you're obsessed with old homes, white shiplap walls, blue porch ceilings, and fluffy footstools? You build the white farmhouse of your dreams, of course. In Georgia, Ally and Ryan did just that. In fact, Ryan built this beautiful home himself, with a ton of inspiration from Ally.

This tiny home feels like a private retreat

Alternative Living Spaces Imagine being steps away from a busy city but feeling like you're in a private retreat? That's how it feels to stay in this luxurious tiny home. It's just around the corner from the shops and restaurants in Denver, but it feels like a sanctuary from the world.

On Fern the Bus, nature is the best classroom

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." This advice comes from famed naturalist John Muir, and Ben and Mande have taken his words to heart. Both of them love the outdoors and have a great sense of adventure.

Step inside this shipping container home that is full of rustic charm

Container space living is creative living because it dares to live outside the norm, and its proponents believe that a life filled with beauty doesn't have to be a life filled with things. "Buy less, choose well." That's the philosophy of Alternative Living Spaces and Container Guys International.

Come find the hidden staircase in this stunning tiny home

Do you own your house or does your house own you? That's the question Oliver and Cera of British Columbia asked themselves a few years ago. As newlyweds living in a traditional home, they knew their focus had shifted. They were spending less time emphasizing adventures and more time on pursuing ways to furnish their home.

This couple is trekking to Alaska without ever leaving home

When this couple decided to take a trip across Canada and end up in Alaska, they knew they wanted to travel in comfort and style (not to mention warmth). They decided to convert this 40-ft long 2002 International schoolbus into their new home and design it in a way that suited them.

The Stanley is a rustic retreat in harmony with nature

Stanley Log Cabin Tiny House Want to see inside more log homes like this? Like to see more from Log Home Tour As a student at the University of Texas School of Architecture, Greg was inspired by the legendary architect, Frank Loyd Wright, and his vision of organic architecture.

This couple's current home-away-from-home is a gorgeous 1985 Sovereign 34' Airstream

"Experiences, not things." That's the motto that this couple embraces. Their current home-away-from-home is a 1985 Sovereign 34' Airstream that they bought in 2018. Known as "a beautiful disaster" when they first purchased her, she has now become an incredible example of what happens when you pursue your dreams and follow your passions.

Architect couple build the 'Mighty House' from scratch

What's the most difficult part of building a house? Brian Rubin and Siena Shaw have two different answers to that question. They are the architects, designers and homeowners of this tiny home known as the Mighty House. With a background in construction and a desire to complete a small-scale project, they essentially became their own clients when they built this dream home.