Bette A. Ludwig

CCB Copywriter

United States

Looking for an email copywriter or content writer with a wide range of skills fit for B2B, SaaS, leadership, education, AI, personal development and editing/ghostediting? Let's connect! 💫

If you use AI-generated content, I've become masterful at refining its output. 🦾

I can clean it up, give it a touch of emotion, and make it feel human.
I offer accurate and verified research in my writing.
I'm also adept at taking outlines or partial content to create a final product.

Primary Services

⇝ Email Copywriting
⇝ eBooks
⇝ GhostEditing (Providing a second look at drafts)
⇝ Content Replenishing & Repurposing (Refreshing/Strategizing of content)
⇝ Blog Posts (AI created or human written)
⇝ Other Services Available Upon Request

I offer a solution in a world where people crave information and interesting content without feeling pressured or sold to. My background, including psychology, counseling, educational leadership and sales, equips me to help you by creating the following:

Branding and communication with IMPACTFUL messaging
Subtle selling, akin to SELLING with a WHISPER
CLEARLY explaining complex concepts

If you're looking for a copywriter who gets effective branding, concise communication, and the art of subtle selling, then let's team up—I work to deliver targeted results for your specific needs.

My unique background allows me to understand and explain complicated topics in understandable terms, which I spent my entire career doing. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s in counseling, and a doctorate in educational leadership. While I enjoy the formality of academic writing, I equally enjoy writing less formally and more conversationally with just the right amount of professionalism included.

Email: [email protected] 📩


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